On Her 110th Birthday, San Francisco Will Be Celebrating The Artist’s Life And Work In A Big Way

Fiestas Fridas San Francisco, a project by Cine + Mas San Francisco, is holding their 5th Annual celebration of Frida Kahlo’s life and art as it relates to the city of San Francisco. Proceeds from the event benefit “a LaTEENo Youth Filmmakers project,” according to their Facebook page.

The festival offers art exhibits and events centered around Frida Kahlo and fan art.

“Everyday past the age of 18 was a gift from the universe for Frida. She rose to meet the present with a brush in one hand and life in the other,” reads the festival’s description on Facebook. “We celebrate her legacy by word, spirit and action as she is the mother of all who choose to ‘Carry on and Create!'”

During this celebration, people channel their inner Kahlo with colorful makeup – without forgetting Kahlo’s signature brow.


And based on photos of their events in the past, there is no shortage of women wearing beautiful floral crowns…

Cleaver hashtag.

And stunning outfits.

The festival is taking place around San Francisco from July 6th to July 9th and July 15th and 16th.


What will you be wearing?

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