El Chapulín Colorado Has Partnered With Popeyes Chicken In Mexico And Fans Are Weighing In

Mexico’s beloved El Chapulín Colorado has a new mission: help spread Popeyes Chicken to hundreds of new locations across Mexico. That’s according to a new partnership between the caped ‘superhero’ and the Florida-based Popeyes, as the company hopes to take on KFC’s world domination.

Thanks to the special superpowers of El Chapulín, Popeyes is hoping to expand from Guadalajara (where the brand has been since 2017) to the capital Mexico City and beyond. Will the pair have a fighting chance or will Cuajináis, Shory, Botija and Minina stop them in their tracks?

Popeyes Chicken and El Chapulín partner up as the brand expands its presence across Mexico.

Yup, El Chapulín Colorado – after more than 40 years in the business – is still a caped-hero in high demand. As part of the partnership with Popeyes, the duo are helping to expand the presence (and market share) of Popeyes across Mexico with new stores recently opening up in Mexico City. This means more fast-food restaurants in popular areas of the city, including major shopping centers like Liverpool Insurgentes, Forum Buenavista, Polanco, Santa Fe, and Interlomas.

The campaign sees Popeyes taking the iconic “CH heart” logo of El Chapulín and using it to say “I ❤️ CHicken.”

In a press release, Popeyes said, “This is a historic moment for the Popeyes® brand. This announcement highlights our commitment to bringing our famous Louisiana-style chicken to guests all over the world, specifically Mexico, which is one of the most vibrant QSR markets today. Our successful international expansions into Spain, Switzerland, China, Brazil, and the Philippines over the past few years reinforced the global appeal of Popeyes® and we are confident that our guests in Mexico will similarly love that chicken from Popeyes®.”

And turns out, Popeyes isn’t the only global brand clamoring for help from El Chapulín.

The game is even inviting fans to share their love for the iconic superhero on TikTok, suggesting users take over the platform by sharing a tribute video under the hashtag #FNChapulínColorado. Will you take part in the challenge?

There were plenty of positive reactions to the news on Twitter.

However, some pointed out this collaboration might be the most unanticipated and unexpected crossover in Fortnite history. There aren’t a great deal of players who are aware of El Chapulín Colorado.

Many were shocked to see it happening.

Many were happy to see the detail that went into creating the new skin. It is an exact replica of the parody superhero from the comedy series. It is quite hilarious to look at, given the vintage touch.

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