The Wildly Popular Pollo Campero Has Partnered With Frito-Lay To Create A Limited Edition Flavor

Nearly 50 years ago, fast-food chain Pollo Campero was born in Guatemala. It’s since exploded into nearly 400 locations around Latin America, with more than 70 chains booming in the United States. Needless to say, Pollo Campero is beloved for its “not your typical chicken” flavorings, including hand-breaded, citrus-grilled and extra crunchy chicken recipes. Basically, once you’ve tasted that Pollo Campero flavor, you’ll never find it anywhere else.

Except for any Central American convenience store that carries Lay’s x Pollo Campero chips. 

Central Americans have all types of feelings about the collaboration and will be shocked to learn that production will end in December 2019.

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While the Pollo Campero Lay’s flavor was launched in 2015, it took Frito-Lay over a year and a half to research and develop a marketing plan, Frito-Lay marketing manager Diana de León told Forbes. De León suspected that Guatemala would be ground zero for Frito-Lay and Pollo Campero’s success.

Guatemala is one of the markets where this type of alliances are best developed, we have worked several activities together and the teams have really achieved a synergy of how to work this type of initiatives,” she told Forbes.

That said, it was always meant to be available for a limited time (until December 2019). The public fandom will have to let their affinity for Pollo Campero flavored chips go with the passing of 2019.

Some are saying that the Frito-Lay and Pollo Campero alliance was the best thing to happen to Guatemala.

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Ángel Gutiérrez is all heart-eyes for the chips, and he’s not alone. Cindy Carcamo, a The Los Angeles Times staff writer, was sent on assignment to Guatemala to cover the effects of Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy on the country. She brought back a gift basket sized amount of Lay’s Pollo Campero chips back to her colleagues and dined out at Pollo Campero’s brick and mortar for her last meal. 

Pollo Campero is a staple flavor to many Guatemalans and Lay’s fans alike. Pollo Campero agrees.

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“We can’t deny it,” Pollo Campero’s official Twitter account responded to Àngel. It’s no wonder. Frito-Lay marketing strategy was embedded in the deep-seated connection to Pollo Campero’s brand and flavor profiles. Pollo Campero is an iconic brand, with equally iconic flavor associations, and Frito-Lay invested in developing formulas that mimick the unique flavor profiles.

One fan believes that the chips deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

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In fact, Daniel Adultman thinks that ISIS members will forgo its violent target on the West and its values with one serving of Los Lays de Pollo Campero. In fact, Daniel thinks the chips could create peace in the Middle East. Claro, the brand allegiance and identity will likely not carry into Syria, but this is what fanship looks like.

Others are not so convinced by the chicken-flavored chips.

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The feigned excitement almost got me, too. “Omg, have you tried the Pollo Campero flavored Lays yet?” Phil Barrera sarcastically tweets. A good chunk of Central Americans are simply turning their nose up at the thought of a chicken-flavored potato chip. Others gave the chips a chance and are not into it. “Really, lays con sabor a pollo campero.. como que too much,” tweets Florence Ortiz. “He probado cosas feas y lays sabor pollo campero,” tweeted another un-fan. Many others just think the thought of the family-owned business flavor profile merging with Lays is “LOL” worthy.

The haters won’t stop the fans from outright replacing Pollo Campero’s home-cooked chicken with the citrus-flavored chips.

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Which one of us is too proud to enjoy a lazy, broke perfectly textured taco? Not me, mama. We applaud your imagination. Vegans, take note. The bacon-flavored Lay’s that took over America were accidentally vegan. While we can’t confirm that Las Lay’s de Pollo Campero are accidentally vegan, you’re honestly running out of time to try them.

The general verdict is in. Lay’s de Pollo Campero can take all our money.

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“I just ate Pollo Campero, but in the form of Lays chips. Shut up and take my money!” tweeted Jamelyn Jael. Another fan took the opportunity to offer a congratulations to the marketing team specifically. Miss Gaany tweeted, “Lays sabor pollo campero! Wow! #MarketingStuff #MarketingStrategy.”

Stock your pantry, mi gente, because this ingenious invention is about to leave the shelves by the end of the year.

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