Photos Of Late Soccer Star Emiliano Sala Leak Of His Body At The Morgue And His Family Is Trying To Find Ways To Deal

A man and a woman, aged 62 and 48, have been arrested after posting photos of the post-mortem examination of Cardiff City soccer player Emiliano Sala.

Images of Sala, the 28-year-old striker who disappeared after a private plane he was one crashed in the waters north of Guernsey in January, appeared on Twitter weeks ago.

According to witnesses the man and woman allegedly leaked images of the Argentinian’s remains at a mortuary, in Bournemouth, Dorset

According to investigators, there is no evidence to suggest the couple broke into the mortuary, and “no evidence to suggest that any staff from the mortuary, or indeed any other council employees, are involved in any wrongdoing.”

Investigators have also released a statement detailing the situation saying that “A48-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of unauthorized access to computer material and malicious communication. The woman has been released on conditional bail. A 62-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of unauthorized access to computer material and has been released under investigation.”

The Tragic Ending To Emiliano Sala’s Incredible Soccer Career

The death of Argentinan soccer player Emiliano Sala hit fans, family, and friends with extreme shock. How could a 28-year-old in the prime of his career vanish in thin air?

Just three months officials confirmed his death, and people are still reeling from this tragedy only to be facing more horrible news.

On Feb. 4, just two weeks after the plane carrying Emiliano Sala went missing, investigators reported that they had found the wreckage and a body in the English Channel.


Sala was en route from France to Wales on a single-engine plane on Jan. 21 just days after being transferred from FC Nantes to the Premier League side Cardiff City. On Jan. 19, Sala was transferred to a new team in a multimillion-dollar deal.

The Argentinan player went to France to pick up some belongings and planned to join his new team for practice on Jan. 20, but that never happened.

According to media reports, Sala sent a message to his friends via Whatsapp while he was on the plane, in which he discussed various things but also added that he didn’t feel comfortable in the plane.

“Hello, my brothers, how are you? Boy, I’m tired. I was here in Nantes taking care of things, things, things, things, things, things, and it never stops, it never stops, it never stops. Anyway guys, I’m up in this plane that feels like it’s falling to pieces, and I’m going to Cardiff. [It’s] crazy, we start tomorrow. Training in the afternoon, guys, in my new team… Let’s see what happens. So, how’s it going with you guys, all good? If in an hour and a half you have no news from me, I don’t know if they are going to send someone to look for me because they cannot find me, but you will know… Man, I’m scared!”

The plane, pilot, and Sala crashed in English Channel moments later. Officials, however, did not find any sign of them until weeks later. Media reports that the pilot was inexperienced, but no official determinations have been disclosed.

On April 26, three months after the death of Sala, his father died of a heart attack.


“Unfortunately, he felt a sharp pain in his chest in the early hours [of Friday] and suffered a heart attack,” a close friend told a local TV station C5N in Argentina. “By the time the doctors arrived, he had already died. I recently saw him and spoke to him. He seemed to be gradually getting back to his routine. We spoke for half an hour and even told a joke. The news comes as a surprise as Horacio leaves us at 58. It leaves another void. We had been in constant contact for a month during the disappearance of the plane and this is very sad news.”

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