Can Eating Papaya Seeds Really Help Get Rid Of Parasites And Is It Even Safe?

TikTok users are proving they’ll stop at nothing to find unexpected hacks that work for them. Now, one user has gone viral after starting a trend that involves eating an obscene amount of papaya seeds in a bizarre effort to help pass any parasites that might be in your body.

Of course, medical professionals are already speaking out about the worrying TikTok trend but does it work and just how safe is it?

TikTok is here with a supposed cure for parasites but just how safe is it?

When we think about stomach trouble, many of us never imagine that we may have an actual parasite living in our gut. But parasites entering our gastrointestinal tract are more common than you may think. Without proper treatment, being infected with a parasite can lead to nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

While there are some tried-and-true ways to prevent parasitic infections, trendy home remedies continue to surface on social media. One of the newest parasite-combating home remedies on TikTok is eating papaya seeds. TikTok user @ramenasaidwow said she heard that eating papaya seeds can allegedly help your body get rid of intestinal parasites.

“That tasted like dry erase marker and it was absolutely disgusting,” she said while eating the seeds. Ultimately, she said she ate half of a papaya’s worth.

In a follow-up post, Ramena said “pooped three times in a couple of hours” and that she “pooped out one parasite so far.” In a later post, Ramena advised people to “definitely, definitely check with your doctor before trying anything.” Why? She said she had “really bad heartburn” and was “so nauseous.”

Ramena said in a final post that she “did pass another parasite.” She said she knows it’s a parasite because “it looks very, very different from your stool,” noting that they “looked like a worm shape.”

Here’s why eating papaya seeds to cure parasites isn’t totally out of the question.

While there’s plenty of health stuff on TikTok that’s completely made up, this one has some basis in science. Research has shown that papaya seeds may kill some forms of parasites—but it’s far from robust.

“Papaya seeds are a traditional parasite remedy that’s safe and seems to be pretty effective against certain types of parasites, though there isn’t a ton of published data,” Robin Foroutan, integrative medicine dietitian told Health.com.

In one 2007 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods, 71.4% of children who were given a combination of dried papaya seeds and honey had their stool cleared of parasites compared with 0 to 15% of children who only took honey after seven days.

Ok…there’s some science behind it but is this safe to do?

According to Healthline, papaya seeds aren’t inherently dangerous. In fact, they’re actually highly nutritious! But that still doesn’t mean you should try this parasite-removal health hack for yourself though — especially without consulting a doctor first.

Eating too many papaya seeds could upset your stomach, as it did for @ramenasaidwow. The side effects are likely not worth the risk for a “cure” that is not guaranteed to work.

If you’re concerned about intestinal parasites, you should consult your doctor, because they are best treated with prescription anti-worm medication.

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