‘Only Flans’ Is The Sweetest Parody Spin On The Adult Content Platform You Need To Follow

OnlyFlans is the sweetest parody account of the popular adult content platform that doesn’t require any subscription, is totally free, and will leave you drooling for more. As the popularity of OnlyFans skyrockets, with some of the world’s biggest celebs taking to the platform to deliver ‘intimate’ content to their followers, someone thought of the genius idea to launch OnlyFlans.

So what does OnlyFans and Flans have in common? Just the similar name – separated by a letter, they both mean completely different things. The parody Twitter account, called ‘OnlyFlans’ posts just photos and content of flans on its page.

Without paying anything for a subcription or feeling pressured to give a cash tip, you can fantasize and drool over all the content you want on OnlyFlans – without anyone judging you. However, there is one possible downside, a possible excess of sugar.

Sometimes, it even posts step-by-step recipes and instructions.

People from around the world are joining in on the fun of the account. Helping us discover some peculiarities of how they make flans in Puerto Rico or exotic contests to eat flan from remote corners of our planet.

OnlyFlans might even courage you to make your own custom content.

OK, so maybe OnlyFlans hasn’t reached the star-studded popularity of OnlyFans, but this parody account is finding fans of flans all over the world. And whether the accounts 76,000 fans are just clueless or horny – or both – we stan this Twitter account and already hit that notification bell.

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