You’ll Be Filled With Christmas Joy After You See These Incredible Nacimientos

Growing up Latino means that putting up a nacimiento is just as essential a part of Christmas, as putting up a tree. And if there’s one cliche that has proven to be true, time and again, it’s that Latino moms tend to be extra AF in everything they do, and the representation of Jesus’ birthday is no small matter. 

Nacimientos tend to be over the top, dramatic and a little chaotic. 

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The representation of Jesus’s birth, known as nacimiento in Mexico, pesebre in Colombia and other South American countries, or Belen in Spain, is a centuries-old tradition in the Catholic world. All you really need to tell the story are three basic figures: Virgin Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. But why limit yourself?  Nativity Scenes are usually elaborate, over the top extravaganzas that families work tirelessly on for the holiday season. So we made a roundup of the most OTT, wild nacimientos. 

The nacimiento with more than 5000 figurines.

This is the largest nacimiento in Tula de Allende. Set up by Mari Espindola, this massive nativity scene has more than 5000 figurines. If this isn’t over the top then we don’t know what is. Though, tbh, who doesn’t want to get a few photos in front of it for the ‘Gram?

How about a millennial nativity scene, anyone?


This scene reimagined the birth of Jesus in the digital age. We couldn’t help LOLing at the three ‘reyes magos’ aboard their Segways, carrying Amazon Prime gifts. “Virgin Mary” putting on her best duckface, holding her Starbucks cup, while “Joseph” snaps a selfie. Ugh #goals.

This is the definition of over-the-top.

You. Guys. This is an over the top nacimiento if ever we’ve seen one. It’s so over-the-top that we couldn’t even locate Jesus and family amid Notre Dame, a Ferris Wheel, a lit-up lake and two carrousels. Love the dedication though. 

This modernist nacimiento went for it with actual water.


So this nacimiento is a true work of art. Check out that play of proportions, the warm lighting, the columns —and the running real, water in the fountain! 10/10

This nacimiento is literally lit.

I wouldn’t want to be the person responsible for paying that electricity bill. But granted, the lights add a whimsical touch to this nacimiento. 

The backyard nacimiento of our dreams.

This family was not about to let that whole yard go to waste so they made a huge nativity scene to keep the space occupied. Complete with a hand-painted, star-studded sky, little cardboard houses, a river with actual water in it and hanging angels —yeah that’s right, they’re hanging, flying if you will. 

The animal lovers’ nacimiento you didn’t know you needed.

We’re not sure, but would be willing to bet that the person who set up this nacimiento is vegan, or at least a big animal lover. Don’t ask us why, but this Belen seems to be a little mixed up with another biblical story, ‘Noah’s Ark’ and examples from all the world’s animals gathered around the pesebre to greet little baby Jesus. 

The good boi nacimiento to melt your heart.

We simply couldn’t scroll past this iconic nacimiento and not include it in this list. So many good bois and they’re all playing their parts so well. I mean, just look at that baby Jesus, look at him. Our ice-cold hearts just melted. 

Nacimiento or Stranger Things?

The lights, the figurines, the fake water, the kitsch. We’re obsessed with this nacimiento. One thing’s clear after scrolling through these pictures; this family takes the nacimiento very seriously, and we commend them for it. 

This family turned a whole room into a nacimiento.


A. Whole. Room. Not just a little space under the tree, or a table. Nope. This family took things seriously and vacated an entire room to make space for the representation of baby Jesus’ birth. They have a special place in heaven already.

Who doesn’t love a miniature city? 


More than a nacimiento, this is all of Bethlehem in miniature form. Complete with lighting, greenery, animals, and dozens of inhabitants. Obsessed.

Lastly, check out this architectonic nacimiento.

This wild and beautiful nacimiento was donated by an architect to a church in Antioquia, Colombia. The nativity scene has 1,800 figurines that represent different Colombian traditions.

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