The Miyotl App Is Here To Help You Learn The 68 Indigenous Languages Of Mexico

For many of us, our ability to speak Spanish or Portuguese is a huge part of our Latinidad. But with millions of people speaking Indigenous languages in Latin America, we know this is far from the truth. Spanish is, of course, one thing that unites most of Latin America together, but it’s a language that was imposed on us. It’s one reason some Mexican writers have rejected Spanish to write in Indigenous languages. For those of us who are interested in learning Indigenous languages, technology has become a serious lifeline.

We already use apps for dating and social media to checking the weather or shopping, so why not use it to help us get in touch with our deeper identity?

A new app is teaching us the 68 Indigenous languages of Mexico.

Several apps have sprung up over the last few years to help us learn the Indigenous languages of Latin America. But now, one app is promising to help you learn the 68 Indigenous languages found across Mexico. The fact that one country is blessed with so many different native languages is a true privelege. Each language represents a distinct culture and helps detail its version of the world and reality.

To help more people embrace these Indigenous cultures, a group of students from the Autonomous University of Chapingo set out to create an app to help save Mexico’s 68 Indigenous languages.

Miytol – which means ‘ray of light’ in Nahuatl – is the latest app (currently available for Android and coming soon to iOS) to help preserve native languages. For now, the app comes with a dictionary and translator for several Indigenous languages. Eventually, the app’s creators will introduce all 68 languages into the app and include resources such as poetry and stories. The app will also allow you to ‘adopt a language’ through a micro-donation scheme.

“It is not just about storing the mother tongues, we want to raise awareness of the cultural richness that must be preserved, seeking to be more inclusive with our roots,” said Luis Emilio Álvarez Herrera, director of Miyotl App, during an interview with El Heraldo.

Another of the great advantages that Miyotl App offers is that it can be easily accessed and used by elementary and middle school students.

So which languages are currently available in the Miyotl app?

Currently, the app comes with 20 native languages and a library of more than 10,000 words. Along with the dictionary and translator, it also includes Indigenous stories, poems, and other important details about our native cultures to help prevent them from being forgotten, or becoming extinct.

The languages currently available in the app include: chinanteco, chocholteco, mazateco, maya, mazahua, mixe, mixteco, náhuatl, hña hñu, tzeltal, tzotzil, zapoteco, tutunakú and zoque, which represent some of the most critically endangered languages in the world.

The next stage in the app’s development includes a focus on learning. The app will contain flash cards with phrases in the specific language. This stage is more suitable for young people and even children, who are usually more able able to learn a language more easily.

So what are you waiting for? It’s simple to get started! Miyotl is available in the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download it, register and choose a language you want to start learning. With this you will have access to the dictionary, the first stage, and you will be able to change the chosen language at any time you want.

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