MituTV Presents Internet Shaquille: The Latinx Cooking Show Your Mom Wishes You Watched Sooner!

Summer is here, and you know what that means!? Carne asadas, drinks and BBQ’s with friends and family! After a year long quarantine, many of us are ready to begin sharing our new found culinary tips with our fam. If you’re like me who tried to make that popular dish (looking at you, banana bread!) but failed miserably, no te preocupes!

Lucky for you, here at mituTV we’ve partnered with Internet ShaquilleLatinX show that gives us entry-level home cooks some tips and tricks on cool and unusual dishes. Psssst- He also teaches you how to properly wash dishes! (Now you can make your mama proud!)

Here’s the deal- we want to get to know Internet Shaquille, and what better way to acquaint ourselves than by doing a semi- dating speed round of 8 questions… not awkward at all… But you get the point. We are chismosos, and we want to know the ins and outs on why he blesses us with this wonderful content.

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from?

I was born in El Paso, Texas but moved to Phoenix for college.

When did you start creating content and at what point in time did you realize that this was what you wanted to do?

I started posting videos about food after noticing a trend in the conversations I was having. Instead of talking to each of my friends about a new technique I was trying, I wanted to try my hand at putting them on camera for anyone else that might want to learn more.

What inspired you to start creating content?

I can’t draw a line between now and a pre-content version of myself because I’ve been showing people little homemade videos since middle school when I had a Hi-8 camcorder. There were phases during which I was inspired by mindless stunt TV, breathless talk radio critics, or silly vines.

What is your content about?

My videos are about how to cook— not just a recipe on how to produce a dish. I try to touch on all the different perspectives and priorities that come into play, from the cost of ingredients to the time it takes to prepare them.

Image: Tepache Episode

What is the story you want to tell with your content?

Most of my content is very short and not typical of what you’ll find from a full-time YouTuber. I hope that my library of work grows to tell a story about how everyone has something valuable to share, even if it doesn’t fit into a normal notion of what that story should look and sound like.

Where do you see your content in the future?

Whenever you talk about something about which you’ve learned over time, you’ll eventually get to a point at which you run out of lessons to give or try learning at a rate faster than production. Eventually I will say everything I know about cooking, and by then I hope to have gained enough trust to talk about other forms of self-reliance, like gardening or personal finance.

What compelled you to join the mitúTV familia?

I prepare my work for a small audience of people who have, to a degree, put their trust in me. I’m most interested to see how it might change the perspective of new viewers who aren’t yet bought into what I’m offering. By giving me a chance to show my work to a broader audience, mitúTV is allowing me to really see if what I believe about instructional food TV (and all that it can be) is true.

Now that you have gotten a glimpse of his work, make sure to check it out on mituTV; available on iOs, Android, Roku TV, Fire TV and tv.mitunetwork.com. Get cooking and go make some Tepache or Kombucha!

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