I Just Bought An Air Fryer And I Can’t Stop Making These 12 Easy Mexican-Inspired Recipes

I’m not gonna lie – I was pretty skeptical of this whole air fryer craze sweeping the country. I mean, I already have way too many appliances that I don’t use, I couldn’t possibly need another one.

But thanks to the delicious-looking recipes and hacks I’d see on TikTok, I bought an air fryer. File that under the #TikTokMadeMeDoIt category.

Sure, I’m making plenty of alitas and bomb chocolate chip cookies and tasty cauliflower bites, but I knew I wanted to start making some of my Mexican favourites. Thankfully, once again, the air fryer pulled through and now I almost don’t need any other appliance.

Here’s a roundup of air fryer Mexican recipes, things I recommend you make with your air fryer!


Since these taquitos are air fried, they’re slightly more healthy than deep-fried ones. They’re also a lot easier, especially if you use shredded rotisserie chicken. Serve with sides of crema, salsa, and guacamole, or your choice of sides.

Mini Chimichangas

Now you can have chimichangas just as crispy as deep frying, minus the greasy calories. Of course, these should definitely be topped with a generous serving of shredded lettuce, crema, and lots of salsa.

Loaded Elotes

Who says elote has to be grilled?! Do your primos proud by using your new air fryer to give her one of the best elotes they have ever had. They come out rich in flavor and ready to be topped with all the incredible toppings you can pile on!

Tortilla Chips

This easy tortilla chip recipe takes you to your favorite restaurant without the $12-for-chips-and-guac tab.

Roasted Chiles Poblanos

Grilling chiles is a ton of work. So much so that I almost never make them even though they’re one of my favorite things to eat. Sure, there are plenty of steps beyond air frying but at least they turn out tasty and it’s slightly easier than the traditional way.


This is legit one of my favorite things to eat. I fill them with queso Oaxaca and mashed plantains. But I almost never make them at home because it’s too much oil. My air fryer changed that.


Ya gotta have something sweet and what better than churros?! The air fryer was practically made to give us quick and easy access to churros – just make sure you have plenty of cinnamon sugar to go with them.

Loaded Nachos

The joy in nachos is that you can top them with whatever you want/have on hand. Unlike cooking them in the microwave, they stay nice and crispy but also cheesy and gooey.

Roasted Salsa

Roasting the veggies in the air fryer develops an extra depth of flavor without all the coughing and suffocating. Win-win!

Tacos de Canasta

Lord knows tacos de canasta are delicious but they are also typically extremely greasy – like literally dripping in oil type greasy. Enter the handy dandy air fryer. With this recipe, you need very little oil to get the exact same effect you’d get if you fried them or bought them from the cart down the street.

Taco Bell-Style Mexican Pizzas

This is one of those TikTok recipes that looked way too simple to be true. Thankfully, it’s not. And it’s not the only one since the famous Crunchwrap supreme is also super easy to whip up.

Tortilla Bowls

These cute tortilla bowls are great as DIY tostadas. Just set out all the fillings and have everyone make their own. The bigger the tortilla, the bigger the mold should be. Just make sure it fits in your air fryer.

What is your favorite air fryer recipe? Send them our way so we can share in the inspiration!

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