Christmas In A Latino Family Is Just Like A Beauty Pageant And Here’s Why

La Navidad is upon us which means on thing: the competition is on. On most years, the holiday gathering takes on a feeling of a beauty pageant. Surely, this year will be no different, just via Zoom. Here’s what it is usually like at a Latino holiday gathering, even if no one will admit it.

You have family arriving from literally everywhere.

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One family from Jalisco, two from Monterrey, one Texas, another from Nebraska for some reason…and it just never stops. There is always at least one or two family members you meet for the first time at these things. It is just a fact that our families are big because everyone stays connected.

We are all so used to giving up our bedrooms because there are so many contestants every year.

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Tbh, this is one of the most fun parts. It isn’t like you get to see your family like this all the time. It is sad that we won’t be able to gather like we used to but we can all know that these days will be here soon.

You always have to look your best because that’s what the holidays are about, right?

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Grand entrance done right on navidad. It is that special time when you dust off and iron your better than Sunday best and get all ready for hours to sit in the living. Well, seems that part of the holidays is still intact.

You pretend like you’ve been dieting so everyone will think you lost some weight.

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This is very important. Almost as important as the bathing suit portion of the pageant. This is when you have to do your best to highlight all of your positive attributes. Make sure you act like you don’t know what carbs are and like the meal you are having is a rarity.

Like beauty pageants, no competition is complete without a dance number.

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Songs like “Suavemente” and “La Chona” will definitely get your family moving to the ritmo. Everyone has been at a family gathering when suddenly everyone starts dancing nonstop because the playlist just slaps. Keep up or die trying.

Everyone suddenly has a secret talents they want to show off.

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It’s almost like they planned for this all year or something. Not to mention that you have been working on yours for months and want to make sure you really shine. This is your shot. Get ready You can do this!

If you live in the southern part of the U.S. you’ll likely still have a bathing suit moment.

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It has to be new, designer, have a stellar print and you’ve got to look good. If not, the whole trip is a waste. Remember, it’s about being the best while still loving your family for the wonderful people they are.

Get ready for some very personal and aggressive questioning.

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¿Y el novio?

¿Cómo te va en la escuela?

¿Dónde trabajas?

¿Compraste carro?


Now that everyone is around, we all get to celebrate each others’ accomplishments.

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There are so many reasons to love your family and the endless hyping they do is one of them. Honestly, it is so nice to have people around you telling you that you can achieve your dreams and to let you know that they have your back.

It’ll be nice to spend the time together to celebrate, even is it is on Zoom.

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Family is the most important part of life. They are they are the ones there to lift you up and keep you grounded at the same time. If it wasn’t for your family, think of all of the times you would have been defeated and alone.

And, unlike a beauty pageant, the judges are here to love everyone.

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That is every tía and abuela just showering their precious loves with all of the appreciation they deserve. It is really one of the greatest times of the year.

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