The Internet Is Living For These Very Humble House Tours From Across Latin America

During quarantine, I got very very into house and apartment tours on YouTube. I’d sit there in the comfort of my COVID-free space watching people from São Paulo to Oaxaca to Madrid and Tokyo open up their homes to complete strangers in the digital world of YouTube.

And I know I’m not alone in this, since many of these apartment tour videos rack up millions of views. We love seeing how other people live, getting inspiration from their creativity, or even judging them on their bad interior design ideas.

Now, the Internet is going crazy for house tours giving us an unexpected look into where many across Latin America call home.

Usually when we watch apartment tours on YouTube – or even on HGTV – we’re usually getting a look into how the 1% live. Or, at least, the top 10%. People who can afford to buy palatial second homes in gated communities or luxury apartments in the world’s most desirable neighborhoods.

That’s what makes these recent viral videos so refreshing. These videos are being created and shared by ordinary Latinos, and their humility and openness and pride in their homes is worth learning from.

One TikToker proudly gave a tour of her home: “Es de laminita, pero mía.”


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TikToker @LauraMiraflores58 uploaded a tour of her home and many on the platform pointed out how humble and proud she was. In the video, which now has more than six million views and nearly one million likes, Miraflores gives a tour of her concrete home, telling those who follow her that she is just starting with the project, and that there are no ugly houses “as long as everything is as it should be.”

In the video, we see a house that it is still under construction – with unpainted walls, a tin roof and some blankets that serve as doors – but one that is very clean and tidy and well decorated, including several plants.

“And as I was saying, this is my bathroom. This is my house, as you can see that there are no ugly houses. Everything is made of laminate but it doesn’t matter…it’s mine, ” she says as she goes from one room to another.

“The house is mine, my husband’s, my children’s, and whoever likes to come visit us. I love my house,” she proudly says at the end of the video.

Many viewers pointed out what a great lesson Miraflores is giving the world by sharing her home on TikTok. Simply building, buying, or having a home you can call your own, is a privilege and achievement to which so many of us aspire. That’s why it’s so beautiful to see Laura proudly showing off the fruits of her hard work to the Internet.

Another woman – from Mexico – shared her home tour on Facebook and quickly went viral.

casa de concreto de mujer de Michoacán se vuelve viral
Facebook / María Izazaga

María Izazaga – from Mexico’s state of Michoacán – also went viral after sharing her home tour on Facebook. In her post, we get a look into her simple yet well-organized concrete home, of which she says, “I present our beautiful house, perhaps it is little, but with a lot of effort, it is ours and we live at ease here.”

Her home is built with concrete and sheet metal as the main materials and there is also a dirt patio where you can see two parked tricycles. Many on Facebook left comments thanking her for sharing her home, and were quick to pay her compliments and send her motivation to keep up the great work.

The kitchen perhaps got the most attention. Izazaga created a very livable space with a large gas stove, for cooking big meals for her family, setup alongside a long bar creatively setup using plastic furniture. The well-organized space also includes several wooden crates to place spices and cooking utensils, as well as two wooden tables that are used to prepare food.

Her home tour has had more than 300,000 reactions on Facebook and been shared more than 7,000 times. Both these women – and their home tours – show all of us that to live happily and comfortably, you don’t need a ton of material things. We all should focus more on that and take pride in what we already have.

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