We Ranked Latin America’s Best Kissers By Country

As annoying as it is for Latinos to be fetishized as a ‘spicy’ or ‘exotic’, we all know it’s the pinche truth. We know we’re smoking and that we’re so much more. Sometimes, that stereotype forces us to be smarter or work harder to prove that we’re more than our looks. Between us Latinos, though, we can relax and enjoy some of our greatest talents together: besando.

After personally making out with someone of each nationality on this list, we can confirm the validity of the results with a near 99 percent accuracy. The only way to find out is to kiss and tell for yourself.

1. Brazil ????????

@gisele / Instagram

Brazil might be known as the world’s hotbed for supermodels, but you don’t have to be a supermodel to rank at the top of this list. You just have to be Brazilian. ????????

2. Puerto Rico ????????

@ricky_martin / Instagram

Maybe I’m biased, but Puerto Rico is the true melting pot of the Americas. Yes, the reason for it is problematic as f*ck, but we have no problem making out with ningun Boricua. ????????

3. Mexico ????????

@yalitzaapariciomtz / Instagram

All you have to do is stare into the eyes of Yalitza Aparicio or absorb the passionate colors of Frida Kahlo’s work to know that Mexicanos have true fire. With fire like that, you can’t hold back.

4. Venezuela ????????

@mariahcarey / Instagram

With beauties like Mariah Carey floating on the Venezuelan coast, you can expect sensuality and slow-motion kisses that raise the hairs on your arm.

5. Honduras ????????

@americaferrera / Instagram

Don’t even play like you didn’t have a fat celebrity crush on America Ferrera when she hit Hollywood screens. Honduran men woman are the real deal and you feel their kisses down to your bones. ????????

6. Dominican Republic ????????

Cardi B / YouTube

The DR is an obvious choice for topping this list. We all know Dominicanos have a reputation for being ultimate players, and the allure is backed up by reality. A kiss from a Dominicano is never just a kiss. ????????

7. Argentina ????????

@leomessi / Instagram

Maybe it’s all the carne Argentines eat, but we know the ferocity will not be tamed. One kiss from an Argentine and you’re instant prey to their love. ????????

8. Colombia ????????

@sofiavergara / Instagram

Sofia Vergara may have helped mainstream America understand the unparalleled beauty of Colombians, but we’ve known all along. A Colombian kiss might be followed by a slap, but it’ll feel good from Colombian manos. ????????

9. Panama ????????

@tatyanaali / Instagram

Panamanians are the most underrated Latinx lovers, and Panamanians know it. A kiss from a Panamanian is una bendición sent from Dios so you better show your appreciation. ????????

10. Cuba ????????

@camila_cabello / Instagram

If you love making out with Latinos bellos as much as you love croquetas, you’ll be here for croqueta breath. En serio, with a Cuban, there’s no wrong time or place to get a good smooch in, and if you’re not just laying around eating and kissing all day, we don’t get you. ????????

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