An Artist In Brazil Measured Frida Kahlo’s Face And Duplicated It Into A Clay Figurine The Size Of Your Thumb

Credit: JLS Store / Facebook

If you’re a Frida Kahlo-obsessed fan looking to carry her around for good luck, this Brazilian artist shows you how to create one that will fit in your pocket.

Sculptor Fernanda Borges, who makes incredible tiny figures for the JLS Arts and Crafts store, posted a video of how she created a tiny Frida out of clay and made it looks so effortless!

The video begins from the inception of the project — putting the clay onto a skull mold — the the end, where Borges adds finishing touches, such as painting Frida’s face. The whole thing is quite detailed, and you can see how the artist molded the skull to the exact measurements of Frida’s face. Yes, some parts of the video look a little bit creepy, especially when the eyes are placed, but it’s so mesmerizing to witness clay transformed into a tiny Frida.

JLS Store

The JLS arts and crafts store is available online, which means you can buy the mold, the clay, and even the eyes. As you’ll see online, they sell muerte molds too, which would be perfect creations for Dia de los Muertos.

Frida isn’t Borges’s only cool creation. She’s made tiny Beatles, a tiny Jimmy Hendrix, and many more. Check it out here.

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