She Was Threatened, Called A Stripper And Reported To ICE, But This Latina Didn’t Apologize For Standing Up Against Racism

Seattle high school student, Brigitte Yasamin, was not having it when she saw a fellow classmate making a racist pottery project. She took to Twitter to denounce the project, but at some point, it must not have felt like she was doing enough about it and took matters into her own hands.

Brigitte Yasamin, a Washington state high school student, had a problem with a classmate working on a confederate flag pottery box.

How can someone be racist that early in the morning?

Yasamin then snuck a photo and posted it to Twitter.

Complaining on twitter is pretty standard these days, especially when it’s about school. It’s what she says she did next that folks are calling her a “hero” for.

After tweeting about the racist project and saying it made her “sick,” she took matters into her own hands. Literally.

She went on to say she’d happily discuss the events with her principal if summoned.

According to Yasamin, the girl making the pottery didn’t mind her breaking it, saying “its ok” about the smashed project. She also claims that her teacher only commented “it happens.”

Her posts containing the photos have since been deleted, but in the age of the screenshot, nothing is ever really gone.

Some people screenshot and shared, just to keep the message alive.

Not everyone was happy about her act of resistance. Some have attempted trolling her, but she’s been clapping back like a beast.

She has had no problem defending herself.

Some have even made personal attacks, insinuating she’s a stripper and threatening physical harm. At least one Twitter user claims to have reported her to I.C.E.

According to her tweets, she was born in the United States and has assured trolls they’re wasting their time reporting her to anyone.

Twitter followers have come to her defense, supporting her actions and calling her “iconic” and a “shero.”

We can’t believe it either.

Hopefully the trolls leave her alone and she can go back to being a normal teenager (who occasionally tackles racism in the classroom).

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