11 Things Family Members Smuggle From Ecuador

What’s a trip to the motherland if not to bring back 398523 luggages full of recuerdos to give to all your friends and family? Each country has its fill of necessary souvenirs, and here are some things you will most definitely bring back from Ecuador.

1. Panama Hat

While the name can be confusing, the Panama Hat actually originates in Ecuador and got its nickname and popularity after gold prospectors used the traditional hats against the sun along the Panama Canal. The hats have since become a strong tradition in the country.

2. Llama Keychains

If your family is from Ecuador or Peru, you’ve had one of these cuties hanging off your keychain at some point.

3. Embroidered Shirts

@andreagilerkids #ecuadorianstyle #ecuadorianshirt ? Gracias @santoslola28

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Nope, H&M has got nothing on these details.

4. Alpaca…everything

To the best guy I know. Happy birthday pops. Rockin his new alpaca sweater from Ecuador.

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These are the warmest things on the planet.

5. Café

This stuff is the G.O.A.T.

6. Bracelets

Like our Colombian primos, Ecuadorians love to rock the yellow, blue and red around their wrists.

7. Wooden Decor

Ecuadorians love their woodwork and an entire town, San Antonio, in Northern Ecuador, is sustained by their artisans gorgeous works of art. They kind of love religious carvings, so this is good spot to get a Virgen for abuelita.

8. Tapestries

Need a new wall hanging in every color imaginable? Tablecloth? Rug? Ecuador has you covered.

9. Pacari Chocolate Bars

Orgánico y orgasmico. Gracias @ferrivarola por fomentar mi espiritu creativo… a agitar las neuronas…#Pacari #organico #ElBaqueano #ideas

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So… Ecuador has some of the best cacao beans in the world and Pacari chocolate is super extra with their variety of flavors so everyone will find something they like.

10. Ponchos

En el mercadito de los ponchos ?? @ferchoescobarv #Otavalo #Ecuador

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Even if you live in humid Florida, you will find a reason to bring back these amazing, one-of-a-kind handmade ponchos straight from the Andes.

11. Ecuadorian Muñecas

Maybe I am a bad half Ecuadorian but I still don’t know the name of these tiny, decked out dolls that my tíos brought back for me EVERY.TIME. But aren’t they sooo adorable?!

12. Honorable Mention: Balsa Wood Crayons

Is this just an Ecuador thing? I have received a few bundles of these throughout my life and have never really seen them anywhere else. Anyway, they’re suuuper cute and unique gifts.

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What else did you bring back when you or your family traveled to Ecuador?

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