These Are The Facebook Habits Of Latino Families That We All Know To Be True

Way back when, Facebook was only for college students. Now, everyone under the sun can add you as a friend and that usually means your mami, papi, primas, tias, tíos, vecinos, padrinos are going to be all up in your friend requests. But there is something special about family members on Facebook that is endearing yet sometimes annoying. Here are the things almost all Latinos on Facebook know to be true about their family.

One thing Latinos know to be true about their Facebook presence is that they are always on top of it.

This is a real problem.

They love Facebook so much, they even baptized it with a new name.

Also commonly known as ‘el face.’

They go through some extreme social media crossovers.

There’s nowhere to hide.

They love to watch videos of nothing in particular and demand that you look at it.

Yes, mami, it’s a funny video of a dog dancing merengue and I saw it already.

If they have something to say, they’ll make sure everyone knows.

They’re just using this as another thing to threaten you with!

…even when some topics should be private.


No English? No problem. They are more than happy to translate your latest updates to let all the non-English speaking family know what you’re up to.

“Aqui, mijita hablando con las primas en la sala.”

If you’re their child/cousin/nephew, etc., they will claim you.

They have to make sure everyone knows who they are.

But one thing is certain: they have very good manners and thank people for liking their posts.

There is something very endearing about this.

And they love a good #TBT.

They basically created the hashtag.

They unknowingly embarrass you with ill-timed comments like this just to say hello.

If they only knew.

To them, there is no boundary on where and when they give you saludos…

Any post is literally fair game.

…And those messages will often be very long, but sweet.

It’s hard to be mad at this, though.

But honestly, nothing will boost your confidence more than your family on Facebook.

And they somehow always get you 935874 more likes on a photo when they like it.

So, if you add your family on el Face, get ready for entertainment, shoutouts, and lots of saludos.

Modern Family/ABC via Giphy

It could be worse, right?

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What are some of the funniest/weirdest things you’ve noticed from your family on Facebook? Let us know in the comments. Keep them short, though. 😉

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