Every Hairy Latino Kid Will Be Able To Relate To The Urge Of Wanting To Shave By 11

If you’re like me, you remember having peach fuzz by the time you were in sixth grade.


After your initial discovery, you may have felt weird for a split second…

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Until you realized it made you look way more ~grown~ than your classmates.

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You told your parents you felt it was time for you to start shaving, even though the fuzz was barely there.

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You: “I’m a grown up, OK?”

Then you’d get a warning from one of your parents: “You CAN’T shave because it’s going to come out thicker and darker.”


Which is the last thing they should have told you, because it only made you want to shave even more.


So you shaved.

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After splashing on some aftershave, you realized shaving wasn’t all fun and games.


But once your facial hair grew back, you were very satisfied with yourself.

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So any chance you got, you’d try to bring attention to your facial hair.

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Especially when you were deep in thought.

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By the time you were in high school, you had a full-on mustache, goatee or beard.


And you’d brag about how everyone assumed you were 5 to 10 years older.

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“I can buy beer at the liquor store and they won’t trip.”

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But once you were done with high school, having facial hair wasn’t really a thing anymore.

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And now that you’re an adult, you rarely shave. Not because you’re proud of your facial hair…

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… but because you’re lazy.

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And now, you have no choice but to shave once in a while, or you’ll end up looking like this:

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