The Ridiculous Journey Of Trying To Sleep Over A Friend’s House When You Have Latino Parents

There is probably nothing that bonds Latinos more than the struggle with trying to sleep over a friend’s house. Basically, it was the one thing you knew your parents would say no to. So here is the tumultuous journey many of us had to go through just to stay at a “casa ajena.”

First off, the answer was always “NO.”

So you started to cry and maybe beg a bit and they were still unimpressed.

So you called your cool prima to come up with a plan.

Parks & Recreation/ NBC via Tumblr

She always had your back and the plan might actually work. What they don’t know, won’t kill them, right?

But just when they looked like they were about to say “yes”…

Glee/FOX via WiggleGif

Emphasis on looked.

They tell you you have to clean your room because nothing is free in that house.

Glee/FOX via spartzygirl/Tumblr

But why does it matter if your room’s a mess? It’s not like you’re going to sleep there.

They then demanded a background history of this “friend.”

…and they make it very clear that they “don’t know them.”

You had to give them your friend’s parents number for emergencies.

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants/Warner Bros.

Which was super embarrassing because if this friend wasn’t Latino, they didn’t understand why you were asking for their parents’ personal information.

Before even saying yes, your parents had to remind you that they don’t like you out en la calle.

Are we done yet?

And they don’t understand why you want to sleep somewhere else when you have a cama at home.

Get over it, mami!

They always imagined the most bizarre, worst-case scenario…

If they let you go, you knew they would guilt trip you to keep you in check the entire time.

So you might have gotten a few check-up phone calls.

You might have had to deal with a little embarrassment. But, also, shout to to the prima that hooked it up with an alibi if you were sneaking around.

Even when you came back home safe (from your best behavior)…

American Idol/ FOX via Tumblr

You kept the real details of what happened at this sleepover under wraps so you can have a small chance of a next time. They didn’t need to know everything (even though, they probably already did.)

They warned you to not get used to the idea.

Jane The Virgin/ CW via Punch Drunk Critics

Because to them this was a one-time deal.

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Did your parents ever let you sleepover anyone’s house? Or did they just make you feel guilty about it? Let us know your experience!

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