NYE Traditions That Seem Weird AF To Everyone Else But Latinos

These rituals only make sense to Latinos…

Eating 12 grapes at midnight.

Teen Vogue / YouTube

You cram a dozen grapes down your throat to get good luck for the next 12 months.

Rocking sexy red undies.

Mariah Carey / YouTube

To guarantee you’ll get lucky in bed in love in 2018.

Having plata en mano.

The Late Show / CBS

Holding some silver coins or cash at midnight will make it rain in the new year.

Eating lentils like they’re going out of style.

The Voice / NBC

Abuelita says eating lentejas will bring you prosperity in the new year. She also warns eating too much of this might make you poop because of their high fiber content. So plan accordingly.

Cleaning your entire house from top to bottom.

Mr. Clean via Giphy

Every corner and under each rug because you need a clean start.

Sweeping right before midnight.

Saved By The Bell / NBC

There’s no break from chores even on NYE because you wnt to start the year with new, positive vibes.

Throwing a bucket of water out the window.


It’s supposed to be like a refreshing type of thing. Careful not to get someone wet accidentally. ?

Running around the block with suitcases.

GIFs Boom

If you want to travel in the new year, word is you need to run around the block at the stroke of midnight.

Turning on the lights in your home.


Why? Because you want a bright new year… Duh!

Standing on your right foot at midnight.

The Little Mermaid / Disney

Supposedly, if you start the new year on your right foot, you basically start the new year off right!

Standing and sitting three times in a row.


Nope, it’s not for squat-like benefits. People believe it’ll lead to marriage.

Turning into a pyromaniac.


Apparently if you burn lists or dolls — or anything really  — you get rid of that bad juju from last year.

Ending the year with your chonies inside out.

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