Here’s How This Traditional Mexican Beverage Is Finding A Home In The United States

Café de olla’s journey from Mexico to the U.S. is more than 100 years in the making.

Café de olla is a beverage with a long, rich history in Mexico, and thanks to the efforts of entrepreneurs like Chuy Tovar, the traditional drink is cementing its place in the United States. As the owner of Primera Taza, a coffee shop located in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, Tovar serves café de olla much like it was served 100 years ago, using ingredients as they would have been prepared then. As Latino USA reports, café de olla was preferred by Mexican soldiers in need of an energy boost, and it was a favorite of Mexican Revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata. Current day café de olla enthusiasts, like Tovar, consider the drink a “superdrink,” thanks to its rich and nourishing ingredients.

Tovar, who is from Jalisco, told Latino USA, that his desire to cultivate Mexican coffee grew out of not finding enough of it in the United States. The only coffees he did find were usually “from Oaxaca or Veracruz,” leaving many Mexican regions under-represented in the U.S. Like Tovar, other coffee shop owners are doing their part to keep these kinds of traditional Mexican recipes available for the next generation.

To find out more about café de olla, read the rest of the story at Latino USA.

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