13 Years Later, Hardcore Rebelde Fans Watched A Few Episodes And They Wouldn’t Believe They Were Into This

Released in 2004, the telenovela “Rebelde” became a huuuge sensation throughout the early 2000’s. From the style to the music to the personalities of the characters and all of the drama, millions of people became totally obsessed with this show. Question is, what do these OG “Rebelde” fans think about the series 13 years later?

All 340 episodes of “Rebelde” are now available on Netflix.

340 episodes = 340 hours I gave to “Rebelde” and every second was worth it.

I talked to three “Rebelde” fans who watched the show when it originally aired, and asked them to rewatch it and give their commentary.


Iliana Perez (on the left),  admits she had “Rebelde” perfume, posters, the DVDs, the outfits, and most of the CDs they made.


Iliana watched episode 16 of “Rebelde,” in which one of the main characters, Giovanni, sneaks into one of the girl’s dorm rooms.


As soon as this scene began, Iliana said, “OMG! The background music and sound effects are so extra!” And as Giovanni continued with his creepy investigation, Iliana commented, “Wait, I never knew her liked her… Omg his exit!”

Illiana’s thoughts after rewatching a few episodes on Netflix are: “I actually miss this show, it’s dramatic as heck.”

Cynthia Perez (furthest back, to the left of Iliana), who was also super obsessed with “Rebelde” admits, “I did get their uniform, a pillow case, a folder, even some pencils and stickers.”


“I loved that they were so happy, that they had so many adventures and cute boyfriends and that their makeup and hair were always on point,” she added.

Cynthia watched episode 192, in which Mía yells and pushes one of her best friends Roberta. Check out the DRAMA:

Right away, Cynthia commented, “Okay like seriously, ‘o sea’, the way they talk is f*cking hilarious! And the way they dressed. OMG. I thought that was so cool back then. Now I’m just like wtf. And the way she was passed out I can’t take it seriously hahaha.”

Mía’s line at the end of the video had Cynthia laughing the most.?


After watching this dramatic scene, Cynthia’s final thoughts were: “This video is freaking hilarious. Just made me remember how much Mía used to exaggerate over everyyyything. They were all just TOO MUCH.”

Jasmine Perez (on the right, wearing the red hat), says she was in loooove with “Rebelde” growing up.


Jasmine said, “I remember I couldn’t wait to grow up and become a dramatic teenager like them. I always wished I could go to a school like them and have those uniforms.”

Jasmine watched episode 235, in which a group of the guys started their first day of swimming class:


As soon as Jasmine started watching this video, she commented, “Wait, the teacher and students look the same age. And the guys are such pervs! They’re so creepy! What are they even trying to look at? Her robe is huge and covering up everything.”

Overall, these “Rebelde” fans were a little shocked that they were so obsessed with such an unrealistic, dramatic telenovela. Some just can’t help but laugh when they re-watch the episodes now.

“Estilo matrix” LOL

While others are still hardcore, dedicated fans.


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