This Is What Happens When You Try To Greet A Non-Latino And Things Get Awkward

When you walk into a room of Latinos, you know you’re in for a lot of hugging and kissing. But walking into a room of non-Latinos brings up an anxiety like no other…

Growing up in a Latino family meant I knew what a “proper” greeting was…

It wasn’t extra. For us, it’s totally normal.

A kiss, a hug, and… maybe another kiss.

E! News

Repeat and repeat.

And god forbid I ever forgot to say bye to someone.

CW/ Jane The Virgin

This is the cardinal Latinx sin.

After all those years of training, I thought I had it all down…

NBC/ The New Celebrity Apprentice

That’s what mami said!

Until I started meeting a lot of non-Latinxs who weren’t used to all that affection.

Existential crisis begins.

When I met my first gringa roommate, she waved hello and quickly looked away…

ABC/ Modern Family

Hmmm, OK.

I was left hanging even trying to attempt a handshake.

NBC/ The Voice

Nothing to see here, y’all.

When I moved away, my new friends and coworkers included many non-Latinxs who often only offered a nod hello.

I get it. We’re not all used to all this smothering.

In this struggle, I did learn a new technique popular amongst non-Latinxs: The Irish Goodbye.

FOX/ Bones

People actually left a party without saying goodbye to every person in the room!? HOW?

So I applied this every time I had to say goodbye, you know to avoid awkwardness, but my family was NOT having it.

CW/ Jane The Virgin

They have a radar for this sort of thing.

After a few years of dancing around awkward hugs, handshakes, kisses and goodbyes, I decided to embrace it.

HBO/ Insecure

Many of us Latinos have become experts at reading what’s comfortable for every person.

I became the person that always announced, “I’m coming in for a hug!”

Nickelodeon/ Victorious

Come here, just bring it in.

That doesn’t always make it less awkward.

HBO/ Vice Principals

I know hugs and kisses can be a very foreign idea to some.

…But it was a positive if you wanted to say hello to a new cutie in the room.

What can I say? I can’t help it! It’s just good manners!

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What is the weirdest or most awkward greeting you’ve ever had with a non-Latino? Let us know!

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