Gina Rodriguez Spoke Directly To A Pagina Actress In A Crowd Of NYU Students About Making It

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“You’re thinking about giving something up? Don’t. ‘Cause I bet you the second you’re about to, is the second it’s about to happen.”

During a recent interview at her alma mater, New York University, Gina Rodriguez had some powerful words of inspiration for up-and-coming actors. The “Jane the Virgin” star revealed that she was a struggling actor for about a decade before landing a role that allowed her to finally “arrive.” While working toward her big break, it gave Rodriguez time to mature and become the kind of woman she wanted to see in the industry. To an audience of actors and students, she said she was appreciative of the “lovely obstacles” in her path which made her grateful for all the opportunities she’s been fortunate to get. After all of those wonderful words of inspiration, interviewer Leigh Blickley, pointed out that Rodriguez’s acting professor from her days at NYU was in the audience and they shared a beautiful moment of appreciation and gratitude.

She doubled down on the idea of following your dreams by telling her success story, saying, “As a 33-year-old woman, who wanted to be an actress before she graduated college, who thought she was going to be discovered before she graduated college, that did not happen. But what else did not happen, is that I didn’t give up.”

She followed up by speaking highly of her education and what it meant to her as a Latina.

Credit: BUILD Series/ YouTube

“Get your education. Nobody can stop you.”

After the interview, she followed her acting professor to her class to give those drama students the surprise of their lives.

Grab some tissues, check out the full interview below and get ready to be inspired.

Credit: BUILD Series/ YouTube

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