Here Are Etsy’s Top 25 Bardi Gang Swag Under $25 For That Special Fan In Your Life

Cardi B has started a nationwide conversation on Afro-Latinas, and has been unapologetic about who she is: una Dominicana emotional gansta. 
If you’re not in the Bardi gang, I don’t want to talk to you. Here’s how to show your true colors for less than $25.

1. Spirit Animal Cap | $14.99

99STONEZ / Etsy

Wear your spirit animal on your forehead with this gem. I see you wearing this and I trust you.

2. Cardi B. Nail Decals | $4.99

VitaBelloVogue / Etsy

If you really want to splurge, you can order the acrylics from Etsy for $70 to get Cardi B’s signature long-nailed look.

3. Finesse Socks | $7.49

YOOAK / Etsy

I’m obsessed. Even the style of these socks is so flashback ’90s. See yourself decked out in numbers 1-3 already and feeling good about yourself.

4. Okurr Mug | $10.00

UpbeatShop / Etsy

Yes, Cardi B. saying, “I’m just a regular shmegular degular girl” is like J.Lo saying she’s just “Jenny from the Block.” Understatement of the year.

5. Finesse Enamel Pin | $10.00

SaintNerd / Etsy

Need the spirit of Cardi to flow through you every time you pick up that bag? Dale already.

6. Santa Cardi Velas | $14.99

celebprayercandles / Etsy

Prayin’ you could be like Cardi so you could not give a fuck? Pray to Saint Cardi B for guidance, strength, and a no fucks given attitude. ????

7. Bardi Gang Crop Top | $24.50

FunTreasureDesigns / Etsy

I always wondered why the shirts that are cut in half cost twice as much, but that’s the price to be in the new latino gang.

8. Mother Cardi Print $15.00

InWithTheOldPrints / Etsy

As Cardi says, “They see pictures, they say, ‘Goals,’ bitch, I’m who they tryna be.” Keep your eyes on the prize with Santa Cardi B at your entrance and watch your parents faint when they instinctively kneel for her.

9. OKURRR! Enamel Pin | $11.00

MadeAuGold / Etsy

You can never have enough enamel pins, okurr? You’re not in the Bardi Gang unless you’re always repping, so make sure you have a pin on errything.

10. Bardi Watercolor | $25

LaBelleMortArt / Etsy

This is true art. Of course Cardi B’s followers include incredible watercolor artists. ????

11. “I Make Money Move$” Notebook | $20.00

bybikka / Etsy

How do you think Cardi got to where she’s at? This took planning, dropping some lyrics in a notebook that might have looked like this.

12. “Livin’ My Best Life” Pencils | $2 Each

BaumDesignsShop / Etsy

Don’t even try to make money move$ without using these pencils. How else do you expect to live your best life alongside Chance the Rapper?

13. “Okurrr” Baby Onsie | $19.99

RoyalPrintsShop / Etsy

Cardi’s following has no age requirements. You just have to be a boss, skirt optional.

14. “Run this ???? like cardio” Dog Bandana | $16

tedsattire / Etsy

AND the Bardi Gang is not speciesist. Dogs taking shits welcome. ✌️

15. “Happy Cardi B-Day” Card | $4.50

HundredwattSupplyCo / Etsy

What better way to celebrate your friend’s birthday than by reminding them that every day is Cardi B Day? JK, it’s a Cardi B-day, get it?

16. “I Make Money Moves” Wine Glass | $10.00

TheVineKnot / Etsy

Cheers to lookin’ like a right swipe on Tinder and a boss in a skirt. Make those money moves, boo.

17. “Be Careful” Mug | $14.95

RatchetvilleGifts / Etsy

Yeah, it’s not a threat, it’s a warnin’ and you can remind all your shady ass coworkers of that with every sip.

18. “Invasion of Privacy” Cap | $15.00

worldwidetrapdealer / Etsy

As Cardi B. once said:

“I think us bad bitches is a gift from God” — “I Do” (feat. SZA)
Recognize your sainthood with this cap.

19. Cardi Socks | $15.95


Pro tip: wear these with Balenciagas. You know, the ones that look like socks. ????

20. “I’m Livin’ My Best Life” T-Shirt | $18.00

RatchetvilleGifts / Etsy

Cut this shirt in half and sell it for $25 for your MMOD (Money Move of the Day).

21. Finesse Enamel Pin | $9.54

LeeRickCollective / Etsy

Pin this on your denim jacket and don’t even think about not wearing fat hoops with this. I’m crying, she’s so goals.

22. Rolling Stones Iron On Patchwork | $5.00

IamKillaPancakes / Etsy

What else belongs on that denim jacket? This iron on patch featuring none other than hot tamale Cardi B. on the cover of Rolling Stone.

23. Cardi B. Buttons | $6.00

POPButtons / Etsy

One for your backpack, one for your denim jacket, one for grocery bag, one to give the tattoo artist as a guide for your official Bardi gang tattoo.

24. “I do what they say I can’t” Bracelet | $9.00

MaddieJaes / Etsy

YASSSS. Cardi was kicked out of her house when she was 18 and dayum is her 15 minutes of fame lasting a long time. #Shero

25. Bloody Shoes Sticker | $3.50

BabyDragonbornShop / Etsy

OK, maybe use this for your tattoo stencil, because this is fierce. No shame in the game in how you get those bloody shoes, boo.

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