Carlos Martinez Is A Real MVP: He Treated 45 Dominican Workers To A Cardinals Game

St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Carlos Martinez loves to go to Six Flags St. Louis. During a recent trip to Six Flags, the 25-year-old pelotero ran into several Dominicans who work at the theme park. Apparently, the workers love him as much as he loves Six Flags, so the pro-baller did what anyone with access to a ballpark would do: he invited all of them to a free game. Martinez paid for 45 tickets to yesterday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds (the Cardinals won 8 – 2). Maybe Martinez’s guests had something to do with that big win.

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“I went to Six Flags with my kids for a day and, since [the workers] are Dominican, they recognized me and approached me for a picture,” Martinez told MLB.com. “Then they got talking about their situation, talking about how they’re here working and that it’s been a hard adjustment. I am so used to helping with charities that it really touched me, especially since they were from the Dominican. They had never been to St. Louis. They had never been to a Cardinals game. So I wanted to help them and welcome them into the city and gift them these tickets.”

MLB.com reports that some of them had never been to a baseball game.

“I really like giving back to the community and back to the kids I see myself reflected in,” Martinez told MLB.com. “Because when I was in that position or even when I was growing up, I had no one that mentored me, much less anyone that invited me to a big league game, not even in the Dominican League. God has put me in the position to be able to help and give back to the community.”

By the looks of it, it seems like now they’re not just fans of Martinez, but of baseball, too.


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