‘American Crime’ Doesn’t Pull Punches When Showing The Horrific Conditions Undocumented Workers Face

North Carolina might not be the first state people think of when they think of undocumented immigrants, but the producers of “American Crime” felt the state would make an ideal setting for the show’s forthcoming season. North Carolina’s influx of immigrants is a “new phenomenon” in the state, producer Michael J. McDonald told NPR, which already has a “history of racial tension.” Setting the show in North Carolina provided the opportunity to look at immigration from a new perspective.

The show focuses on North Carolina’s industry and how it attracts and exploits undocumented immigrants in search of work.


The upcoming season of “American Crime” zeroes in on how farms in these states often find themselves competing to maximize their profits. As a result, the industry increasingly relies on easy-to-exploit, cheap labor. These migrants confront conditions like human trafficking, sexual abuse, death threats, wage theft, and exposure to unsafe work environments. Because the workers are undocumented, they are often afraid to report these issues to the authorities, and so the cycle of abuse continues.

Check out the trailer for season 3 American Crime.

American Crime / ABC

Manuel Betancourt of NPR has written a great article explaining how “American Crime” is tackling these issues and, more importantly, shining a light on the segments of our workforce that often silenced because of their immigration status.

[H/T] “American Crime” Takes On Farming And Illegal Immigration With An Unsparing Lens

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