There’s A New Frida Kahlo-Inspired Makeup Compact Made By A Korean Beauty Brand

Missha, a Korean beauty brand, has released a compact boasting Frida Kahlo’s name and her Spanish-language mantra.

While the compact, which comes in four different looks, do not feature Frida’s iconic likeness, each compact has her trademark signature and tag line: “Pasión por la vida.”

The compact comes in four designs that cost $25 each.

Don’t go searching for it just yet. It’s not out until July 13.

According to Teen Vogue, the “Frida Kahlo x Missha Tension Compact” will only be available for a limited time, and comes in five skin tones and two foundations.

“As an organization whose founding principle is based on beauty from the inside out, we were inspired by Frida Kahlo’s passion and fighting spirit in the face of the tribulations that plagued her life,” a representative for the brand told Teen Vogue. “An icon for strong women, whose bold and unique sense of style pushed the norms of her time, Kahlo serves as a testament to the notion of beauty through individuality rather than conformity which is what we hope to help our customers bring out with our products, their own unique beauty.”

This is not the first brand to release a Frida Kahlo-inspired makeup line.

Republic Nail, a Mexico-based company, have also released lipsticks and other beauty tools with the trademark Frida signature. They’re available at CVS.

Here’s one thing you can’t buy: Frida’s magnetic spirit…

Do you think you’ll buy this compact?

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