11 Photos That Prove Latinos Love Some Well Placed Ruffles

It’s a fact that Latinos cannot get enough of ruffles. This aesthetic choice has permeated all facets of our lives from baptisms to our bedroom. Here are some examples of how our parents (and we) have gone a little overboard with ruffles.

Our baby photo albums.

FunkAndMoreVintage / Etsy

Extra points on this one if you also have a space for your baptism photo on the front.

The socks.

@marthasorren / Twitter

We all know them. We all wore them. We all hated them. We all miss them.

Your baptism was the first time you were decked out in ruffles.

@jenna2005 / Twitter

Then came your First Communion which needed ruffles.

@SaltWaterBelle / Twitter

Not to mention your quince…

@aimecisneros / Twitter

…and your wedding dress.

@weddingcorner20 / Twitter

Ruffles on ruffles on ruffles.

For some reason even your toilet was dressed up in ruffles.

@Marissa_Anya / Twitter

Because it is sooooooo hygienic, right?

How about those decorative pillows you never understood?

@TheAntiqueAttic / Twitter

And the pressure mark they made on your face during nap time was ridiculous.

We have even mastered the technique of adding ruffles to food. To. ?? Food! ??

@IncredibleCakeT / Twitter

It is still a tasty cake though.

If you had allergies, you definitely struggled through these comforters.

@superiorlinens / Twitter

And even your car seat was not complete with at least one row of ruffles.

@ScrumptiousKids / Twitter

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