Proof That Our Childhood Costumes Can Be The Inspo We Need For Our 2018 Costumes

We’re finally starting to cherish the ’90s like it deserves. We’re also living in an era where we’re all fighting to rip the sheep’s clothing off the wolves, and desperately trying to think of a creative Halloween costume for 2018. The good thing is that we can also reach for the nostalgic feelings to fuel our creativity. Growing up Latino meant going hard at Halloween, and not in the Heidi Klum sense.

Our moms sewed the most raggedy costumes for us, or made the best out of a plastic tablecloth. For every photo of you in a different Halloween costume, there’s one of your older brother or prima wearing it the year before. We’re a village and the costumes we have circulating around the family honestly belong in a museum. Or this very cute listicle.

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