In Classic Fashion, Latinos Are Roasting Hispanic Heritage Month With Memes And I Can’t Get Enough

We’re almost halfway through Latinx Heritage Month – officially Hispanic Heritage Month – and although it is a great opportunity to elevate voices in the community that aren’t often heard, it’s also very commonly ridiculed for a variety of reasons.

Much of my social media since the 15th has been filled with ironic and lol-worthy posts with limited recognition of the actual significance of the month – and not much else. And one quick look into Latino Twitter, and you’ll quickly find an overwhelming amount of memes poking fun at the ‘celebration’ and some of them are just too good.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorites:

I had to start with the iconic caída de Edgar.

This poor kid has been making his rounds on the internet since May 8, 2006 and he still delivers carcajadas.

The audacity of chiquillos knowing the words to this song is just… my mom would never have.

Even though I’ve probably seen this video a hundred times…it just hits different in the context of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Speaking of the audacity… this kid also had some.

Pretty much 100% sure la chancla was involved after this clip was filmed.

Niurka Marcos always comes through as the ultimate hype gal.

When she’s on your side, of course.

And we use the time to reflect on how much Juanga means to us. RIP.

I mean Juanga gets me every damn time.

El amor se expresa con rosas y un side de Modelos.

And they say Latinos aren’t in tune with their emotions.

This scene from “Amigas y Rivales” lives in my mind rent-free.

This is the Mexican version of the D.A.R.E program. IYKYK.

Tell me you’re Latino without telling me you’re Latino.

I’ll tell you. We use the oven as extra storage space for our pans. There. I said it.

These kids know there’s no better vibe than a cumbia party with your primos.

The number of times that I’ve heard this song at every quince, fiesta, or wedding. Countless.

Miki Minach. The single proof you need that Latinos deserve ebery spelliNg beE aGuaRd.

This video never gets old.

This doesn’t even need an intro. You know what this kid is going to say by just looking at him.

“Linda listen…listen Linda.”

My Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month resolution is to uncover where this plate comes from and why we all have it.

It’s an ancient artifact at this point.

This one hits on so many levels. A classic indeed.

I’m the friend carrying him.

You know you’re most definitely from a Latino country if you have one of these.

This might as well count as a passport stamp.

Para cerrar con broche de oro, one of the most memorable telenovela scenes that most definitely dserves an Oscar for Best Performance.

We’ve been snubbed!

Seeing all these memes – in the context of Latinx Heritage Month especially – reminds me that no matter where we are in the world or where we came from, being Latina, Latino, Latinx means that we have a lot more in common than we give ourselves credit. We’re all part of a diaspora, of a community, from Mexico through El Salvador and Guatemala, to Colombia and all the way down to Chile. And it’s great to see so many giving recognition to a ‘holiday’ that may not carry much weight in a way that brings so many of us together.

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