The Best Halloween Costumes ’90s Kids Were Obsessed With (And Still Work Today)

Halloween is our favorite time of the year. It’s the one opportunity to be whoever we want. And, what that really means, is, whoever (or whatever) gave you the most life this year, this is your chance to let your inner star (or freak) shine through. Now, do you remember who inspired you back in the day, when you were little? The ’90s was the best era for Halloween kid costumes, many of which still resonate to this day. Here’s a look at the very best Halloween costumes that we were obsessed with back in the ’90s.

Wayne and Garth

Credit: Etsy

“It’s Wayne’s World, party time, excellent!” The only thing you needed for this excellent costume was your best friend and you were set. But who would be Wayne? That’s the real question. Get this now for $13.99, but it’s easy enough to do it yourself. 

Spice Girls

Credit: Pinterest

The Spice Girls dominated the airwaves in the ’90s, so naturally, we wanted to be just like them, and you don’t need four other friends to do this costume. Just dress up as the Spice Girl that most represents your personality. 


Credit: Pinterest

“As if!” The ladies of Clueless made knee-highs an iconic fashion moment that will still love today. Make this costume yourself or get it for about $40


Credit: Pinterest

If you weren’t singing “I don’t want no scrubs” back in the ’90s, were you even alive? This costume definitely requires a trio, but the clothes themselves are an easy thing to put together.

Ace Ventura

Credit: Costume Works

“Ace Ventura” dominated the box office in 1994, which meant everyone was saying “alrighty then.” Heck, we’re still saying that today. This costume is probably one of the easiest to recreate. Just get a tutu or a Hawaiian shirt. 

The Addams Family

Credit: Pinterest

Now that a remake of “The Addams Family” is back on the screen, there’s no better time to bring back the classic family look from the ’90s. We’re Wednesday, there’s no doubt about that. 


Credit: Halloween Costumes

There’s no era where you can go wrong with a Batman costume, it’s all about which Batman you want to be. In the ’90s, it was always Michael Keaton. 

Michael Myers

Credit: Amazon

Just as Batman is a classic costume so is Michael Myers, the evilest killer on the big screen of all time. This costume definitely requires the mask, which you can easily get on Amazon for $30

Good Burger

Credit: Pinterest

The 1997 teen comedy, “Good Burger” had us all laughing with these two best buds who couldn’t get enough of burgers and fries.

Power Rangers

Credit: Pinterest

It’s morphin’ time!” Yes!! We couldn’t get enough of watching the Power Rangers after school. Nothing was cooler than this group of fighting rangers. This costume is hard to DIY, so get it online

Cat Woman

Credit: SydneStyle

You cannot have Batman with Cat Woman. She’s an iconic symbol of girl power! Now if you can’t do the whole vinyl look, just wear all black and a mask. Also, you can purchase it here

Arnold and Helga from “Hey Arnold”

Credit: WeHeartIt

This Nickelodeon gem was the light of our life! Create your own Hillwood life by dressing up like Arnold and Helga from “Hey Arnold.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Credit: Pinterest

The coolest underground fighting quartet has to be Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, they’re turtles in a half shelf! Buy the costume today for $50 bucks or go DIY by wearing green and bandanas on your eyes, with holes and you’re set!


Credit: Pinterest

The first “Scream” movie came out in 1996, and we were so freaked out but we also loved it too. Yes, we saw all the “Scream” movies, and only now, all of these years, do we feel as adults that we can dress up as the scary “Scream” killer. All we need is the mask! Click here to buy it. 


Credit: Amazon

No one expressed dark sarcasm as brilliantly as Daria. So, of course, we’d have to embody her moody spirit, especially on Halloween. 

Hocus Pocus

Credit: Imgur

If you’re going to be a witch on Halloween, don’t be just any which. Be the only witches that mattered: Winifred, Mary, and Sarah. This costume won’t be easy to recreate, but it sure will be worth it. 

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