Frida Kahlo’s Birthday Is Celebrated With A Special Light Exhibition Van Gogh Also Received

In celebration of what would have been the artist’s 114th birthday, Mexico City has launched a new immersive Frida Kahlo experience that is bringing her fans in from all around the world. With larger-than-life projections of her work and journal excerpts, the exhibition aims to bring surrealist Frida Kahlo’s paintings to life. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews so far, the exhibition seems to be a huge success.

This Frida Kahlo exhibition marks the 114th anniversary of the artist’s birth with an immersive experience.

For fans of the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, they now have a new way to experience her iconic works of art. So many travelers who make the trip to her hometown of Mexico City make sure to stop at the famed Casa Azul – where she lived with her husband, fellow artist Diego Rivera – but now (at least for a limited time) there is another must-visit site to add to itineraries: Frida: La Experiencia Immersiva

Frida Kahlo – easily one of the world’s most-loved artists – has received the same digital treatment that famed artist Vincent Van Gogh did in 2019 and 2020. As part of a 35-minute projected light and sound show, Frida: La Experiencia Immersiva is a window into the artist’s impressive persona, unlike anything ever experienced before. Since Kahlo was best known for her self-portraits and outspoken style, the exhibit is a lot like an immersive autobiography, in which audiences get to learn more about her struggles with illness and disability.

The exhibit brings Frida Kahlo into the 21st Century with interactive visual displays.

Frida: La Experiencia Immersiva is two-and-a-half years in the making and brings to life some of the artist’s most popular works of art: The Two FridasGirl with a Death MaskMe and My Parrots, and The Broken Column along with narration drawn from the artist’s own letters and personal diaries. Traditional Mexican music plays in the background to complete the ambiance. 

The opening was held at the Frontón, México, just in front of the city’s famous Monumento de la Revolucion. And thanks to the modern venue, the exhibit includes more than 90 projectors and some 50 speakers that accompany the images with music. The art is projected on the floors and walls, giving viewers an entirely new way to experience her art.

“It’s very good [the experience] because there are many young people who don’t know her work and it’s a good way to spread it,” said Laura, a visitor to the inauguration, in a statement to El Universal.

The exhibit also has an interactive component called ‘Free Stroke,’ where visitors can paint and digitally draw as they please. The idea is “to get to know Frida’s paintings, which have been around the world, but with a little bit of familiarity and intimacy,” the artist’s great-grandniece Mara de Anda told AFP.

“I believe that Frida was very avant-garde and modern so this fits perfectly. She was a woman ahead of her time,” she told AFP at the launch on Tuesday.

But don’t worry if you’re not in Mexico City, there are other Frida Kahlo exhibitions to check out.

In San Antonio, Texas there is a new Frida Kahlo exhibition at the city’s botanical gardens called Frida Kahlo Oasis, which brings the essence of Kahlo and post-revolutionary era of Mexico to Texas.

Throughout the San Antonio exhibit, you can see and feel Frida Kahlo’s bold expressionist artwork and self-portraits from the post-revolution era in Mexico which continues to inspire people worldwide. The Frida Kahlo Oasis will be on display in Texas until November 2, 2021, along with special tours, art history lectures, culinary and cocktail workshops, and adult and family events made to accompany the exhibition.

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