YouTube Chef Gives A Quick Lesson On How To Prepare Pollo A La Plancha From “Moonlight”

YouTube’s “Binging With Babish” isn’t your normal cooking show. Every couple of days host Oliver Babish takes a dish from a movie or television show and gives viewers a quick class on how to make the meal for themselves.

In a recent episode, Babish featured pollo a la plancha, the tasty Cuban dish shown in the Oscar-winning movie “Moonlight.”

Andrew Rea / YouTube

Here’s a quick peek at what’s for dinner.

Before starting, Babish shows viewers the scene from the movie featuring the dish.


In a wonderful scene, Kevin meticulously goes through the steps to prepare pollo a la plancha for Chiron, the movie’s protagonist.

The end result is pure food porn.

Moonlight / A24

Kevin drops some chopped cilantro to really bring the dish together.

After whetting everyone’s appetite, Babish shows viewers how they can make their own mouthwatering version.

Andrew Rea / YouTube

As Babish points out in the video’s description, it only takes a few simple ingredients (onions, chicken, cumin, garlic, lime – to name a few) to make pollo a la plancha turn out amazing. If you’re planning on surprising your family or significant other with a nice homemade meal, this dish is definitely a surefire way to score some brownie points.

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Make your own pollo a la plancha at home and share those delicious photos here!

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