This Paletero Is So Good He Gives Away His Recipes To His Competitors Because He Knows His Real Secret Ingredient Is His Wife

When Jaime Garcia took over his father’s long-standing paletería in Santa Ana, Calif., it was a bittersweet moment. He had been working in construction and never really thought about running a business, much less his dad’s paleta business. But that all changed. His father, unable to work, trusted him and asked that he take over and keep the business running. After some growing pains, not only did Jaime keep the business running — he and his wife helped it flourish and become a beacon of light in their community.

Jaime Garcia is known for having the best paletería in Santa Ana. His recipes are so good even his competitors ask for help.


He’s known locally as the Paleta Godfather. Like the Godfather, he looks out for his own, even sharing his paleta recipes with his competitors because he believes they’re all in it together.

Paletería La Flor De Michoacan brings joy to children and travelers of all kinds, even though it’s tucked away in an unassuming alleyway.


But people still managed to find it.

The OC Weekly found their shop and wrote a glowing review, which helped boost the reach of the small shop.


They hang the review proudly on their wall.

Jaime says the addition of his wife Martha to the team was the real secret ingredient.


At some point a few years back, Jaime was diagnosed with diabetes. Martha stepped in to help out and found herself more and more involved. When Martha started, there were only about 5 and 10 flavors of paletas. Under her guidance, the shop experimented with new flavors and eventually added more than 60 flavors of nieve and paletas.

Jaime says people from all over, as far as New York and New Jersey, come for a taste of his authentic Michoacan-style paletas and ice cream.


But nobody loves it more than the lucky kids in the neighborhood. Yum!

Find out more about Paletería La Flor de Michoacan on this episode of “What’s Good In Your Hood.”

Yum! ?

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