Watts Quesadilla King “Chef Keith” Changed His Life Around After A Dream Made Him Give Up Selling Pot

Chef Keith Garrett of the charisma-driven restaurant “All Flavor No Grease” grew up in Watts, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, with his parents and siblings. Unbeknownst to his mother, at an early age, he started selling weed, until one day someone offered him food stamps in exchange for his last eighth of weed. He thought to himself, “Food stamps? What am I going to do with food stamps?” Not one to turn down an opportunity, Garrett took the stamps. They were his last drug transaction ever. He went on to buy snacks with the stamps and began selling candy from his mother’s home. It was less risky and most importantly, it was less illegal.

Then a dream changed it all. Garrett woke up one day and just couldn’t stop saying “All flavor, no grease.” A friend recommended he sell tacos from his mother’s house since he was already selling candy there. He combined those ideas, and used his charismatic personality to create a social media following. The rest is history.

Chef Garrett started out with humble beginnings, all he had was a plancha and a dream.

His infectious energy kept folks coming back, the line long, and bellies full.

After all that hard work, faith, sweat and tears, Garrett saved up enough money to go from a grill to a new food truck, taking his business to a whole new level.

Take a look at his new digs and if you’re in LA, be sure to check him out.

Make sure to watch “What’s Good In Your Hood” for our in-depth interview with Chef Keith Garrett in the All Flavor No Grease kitchen.

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