Tapatío Finally Learned What We Have Known For Years: Mix The Hot Sauce And Sour Cream

Have you ever mixed your Tapatío hot sauce with your sour cream for tacos or tortilla chips? Well, now Tapatío wants to take that extra step out of your life. That’s right. Tapatío announced on social media that they will be selling Tapatío-infused sour cream at El Super markets.

According to Tapatío’s social media pages, El Super markets are now carrying Tapatío Sour Cream Dips in three flavors.

People can choose between Tapatío, Chipotle, or Jalapeño.

You’re probably saying, “But, like, we’ve already been doing this.”


And that’s a totally fair critique. It’s always been easy to take your sour cream and add some Tapatío to it. However, the announcement has been met with much excitement because it makes it easier for you to get that creamy, spicy goodness without the work or buying two products. #LazinessAlwaysWin

People can’t wait to try it out, even if it means painful bowel movements.

Tapatío Hot Sauce / Facebook

If you play with fire you’re bound to get burned.

Some people are shook.

Tapatío Hot Sauce / Facebook

There are some blown minds and excited Tapatío fans out there.

Boyfriends are so happy that their wallet will get a break from buying their girls two things to make their favorite sauce.

Tapatío Hot Sauce / Facebook

?? ??

Some are already suggesting other fan-created sauces for Tapatío to try next.

Tapatío Hot Sauce / Facebook

Listen up, Tapatío. These are ideas you should definitely be considering.

But, the most common sentiment about the sour cream dips is that people no longer have to make their own.

Tapatío Hot Sauce / Facebook



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