There Are People Out There Eating The Corn Husk On Their Tamales And One Twitter Thread Is Exposing Them

Ever tried to eat a tamal still wrapped up in its hoja de maíz? Nope, neither have we. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t countless people out there who’ve tried to devour that luscious tasty tamal in all its masa glory – husk and all. One Twitter user took to social media to spread the story of how some people just aren’t ready to eat tamales yet.

This is the tweet that has every Latino talking about tamal etiquette.

Credit: @ChavezTheRapper / Twitter

Twitter is abuzz after the discovery that not one, but several people didn’t realize that you aren’t supposed to eat the husk wrapper of the tamal. In fact, many thought tamales “tasted like s***” before realizing the key to a good tamal is you gotta unwrap it first. Thankfully one Twitter user is here to make sure that everyone remembers to unwrap their tamales before digging in.

Responding to the OP, one Twitter user said she “always thought tamales tasted like shit…I didn’t know you were supposed to unroll them.”

The thread of people confused about unwrapping their tamales is truly mesmerizing.

Credit: @ChavezTheRapper / Twitter

Another naïve, wannabe foodie admitted her ignorance about tamales.

“Me neither…and not one person corrected me when I ate the husk at the Mexican restaurant I was at with my ex’s family,” she wrote. “They were all white, so maybe they didn’t know, either.”

Since blowing up the internet with this tamal bombshell, even more, people have joined the growing chorus of clueless tamale eaters. This is a good thing, though. By admitting they have a problem, we can fix it and make their lives a little bit easier.

People eating the tamales wrong led some to think they were disgusting, which is just unfair to the tamales.

Credit: @ChavezTheRapper / Twitter

Tamales are not disgusting. They are one of the most delicious foods ever created. The maiz holds some of the most delicate and satisfying meats and veggies cooked in spices and sauces that make your knees weak.

To completely discredit an amazing dish because you couldn’t do it right is just wrong. Now there is no excuse for you to ever eat this wrong again. You are very welcome.

Be warned. Now that this information is on the internet, it is on you to do it right. We won’t be there to help.

For real. We already have things we deal with on a daily basis when we eat out with our families. We don’t have time to help confused people learn how to eat tamales.

And just so we’re clear, we’ve known for a long time.

Yes. We’ve seen you and your family struggle with the tamales for a while now. However, it isn’t polite to tell people when they are doing something wrong so we have just been waiting for you all to ask us.

For real. This is us when we witness this kind of tamal husk eating out in public.

We will just sit there and watch it all unfold. There is something satisfying and confusing about watching this happen. Like, we really don’t believe that this is a thing that people do but clearly it is. When did things go so wrong for y’all?

Some people did point out the absurdity of the claim.

So all of this has people wondering…how does one even try to eat it with the husk? Are they literally picking up the entire tamal like a burrito and biting down? Or are they fork and knifing it?

Whichever way they’re trying it, it’s obvious that we urgently need a public service announcement so international incidents like this one never happen again.

One young woman had a great response to the thread that will really make you think.

After all of the centuries spent conquering the world and taking spices, this is where you all are at. It is really a moment of reflection for so many. Like, why even do what you do when this is the end result?

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