These Two People Challenged Each Other To Make Oreo Tacos Because Why Not

YouTubers Julia and JP, known for their fun food challenges, took their competition to another level with an Oreo Taco challenge. The couple, who frequently share junk food DIYs and foodie tours, gave us a taste of the competitive underbelly that exists in most relationships. Luckily, the two took it out on Oreos and tried to craft the perfect Oreo taco. Here’s how it went. We’ll skip the boring shopping and mixing part and get right to the good stuff.

Julia decided to try and recreate the Oreo cookie, complete with black food coloring, and turn it into a tortilla.

HellthyJunkFood / YouTube

Nice and thin is the way to go here. However, the “tortilla” was more like a pancake, so it was thicker than you’d expect from a tortilla. As Julia shows in the video, it is important that her tortilla was able to bend without breaking. As her tortillas cooled, Julia went above and beyond and made her own frosting.

Meanwhile, JP did the same but added some crumbled Oreo cookies to the mix and tried to bake it into a hard taco shell.

HellthyJunkFood / YouTube

And, yes, he decided to make a giant cookie out of the left over dough because why the hell not?

Then came the moment of truth.

HellthyJunkFood / YouTube

Julia went all out and created an Oreo cookie taco complete with frosting between two cookie tortillas. #YUM

JP’s taco shell just kind of crumbled and made a mess.

HellthyJunkFood / YouTube

*cue heartbreaking music* ? ?

The last phase was the taste test, of course.

HellthyJunkFood / YouTube

And both parties seem pleasantly pleased with their outcomes.

HellthyJunkFood / YouTube

Who do you think won this competition?

Watch the full video below!

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