This Coffee Shop In California Has The Most Instagram-Worthy, Latino Fusion Coffee Snacks

Mi Cafecito Coffee is a coffee shop that’s fusing traditional favorites with snacks that we like and the Instagram posts look ?.

Apparently Pomona, Calif. is the place to be to catch Pokemon, but people have discovered this coffee shop that’s taking traditional Latino sweets and giving them a modern twist.

They’re using cafe de olla as a topping for ice cream.

*salivates profusely*

Ice cream from their own line which has flavors like café de olla.

And for those who don’t get along with dairy, no sweat. They also make their own non-dairy flavors in Mango Con Chamoy and Pepino Limon Con Chamoy. They think of everything. *Drooling again*

You’ve probably seen trendy cookie ice cream sandwiches, right? This shop is making the Mexican-American version of that: a pan dulce ice cream sandwich.

It’s so pretty!

And because they are a coffee shop, they have a few different types of cafecito.

Because they probably figured you’re going to need something to chase that ice cream down with.

They have the classic cafe de olla…

Seriously. This stuff looks both delicious and so Instagram worthy.

And for dessert, they craft frozen Gansitos.


Credit: Oxygen via Tumblr

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