Mariners Fans Got To Try This Traditional Mexican Snack On Opening Day


One of the things I love about baseball is the food.

Grabbing a hotdog and washing it down with a cold beer is always the perfect way to enjoy the game. Or is it? That’s the question the Mariners asked recently when they added a not-so-traditional item to their refreshment menu at Safeco Field.

For the Seattle Mariners home opener, Safeco Field patrons could treat themselves to a nice cup of… chapulines.

The toasted grasshoppers were provided by nearby restaurant Poquitos and cost $4 a serving.


“They are a one-of-a-kind snack that the fans will really love, either on a taco or on their own,” Steve Dominguez, the general manager for Centerplate, the company responsible for Safeco Field’s menu, told the Los Angeles Times.

Leading up to opening day, the hype was real, but opinions were mixed. Some people were curious…

…But other people were less than impressed.

Swing and a you-don’t-know-what-you’re-missing.

So, did the fans love the chapulines?

A Mariners spokesperson, Rebecca Hale, told ESPN, “We don’t expect to sell a lot of them, but it’s a fun thing to offer and it’s an authentic.”

Despite the skepticism… it turns out the chapulines were a home run.

Seriously, the stadium sold out.

Fans were so excited to try them, they posted videos of their first bites.

Don’t worry if you missed out. Safeco Field is expected to stock the snack throughout the season, ESPN reports.

And the Mariners won their opening game, so maybe they’re good luck.

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Of course Jiminy was a cricket.

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