Henny Coladas, City Island Crab Legs, Dominican Rotisserie In Washington Heights: This Is The Most NYC Episode Of ‘Munchies’ Ever

Credit: Munchies/ YouTube

If you don’t know Munchies, get ready for a feast for your eyes. Their series “Chef’s Night Out” follows well-known chefs as they tell you about where they love to eat and where you really should be eating if you want an authentic food experience.

In the episode above, Munchies documentarians met up with Scarr Pimentel, the most New York pizza shop owner you’ve ever met. With a guttural Uptown voice, Mets jacket and sly smile, this dude is one “unh” away from a feature on a Wu-Tang album. Although his look is more Raekwon the Chef than Chef Boyardee, Pimentel is the owner of Scarr’s Pizza, an organic pizzeria in New York’s Lower East Side (L.E.S., if you’re local, papa).

Scarr’s Pizza makes sure to use only the freshest ingredients. But don’t get it twisted, Pimentel will throw together an organic clam pizza while wasted on Henny Coladas after having eaten his weight in greasy meats from Uptown. Make sure your Yankee fitted brim is straight and crispy, because you don’t want it getting in the way of this New York City love fest of an episode. Y’heard?

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