These 20 Coveted Candies Only Latinos Give Out Are Always Halloween Gold

Latinos own the dulce game. We have a sweet tooth like no other and it shows. Yes, I’m bragging how many ways we can make tamarindo taste like fruit of the gods.

This isn’t your average list of peanut butter cups and Milky Ways. These are candies that we eat all year round at our work desks, but that we once used to beg strangers house to house for. If you’re reading this, you’re on the other side, and it’s time for you to show up for those niños knocking on your door. Here’s that good good.

You know you hit the jackpot when you walk up to this house.

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No question you’re excited about the Midnight Milky Ways and Nerds, but you already know that your mom is going to make you pick out all those midnights and Reese’s cups for herself. It’s how you pay her back for making you that costume.

This candy, though, you ration for months to come.

The mother of all candies: Pelon Pelo Rico

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It’s literally the candy that keeps on giving. You can (kinda) stop eating it and save it for later. Getting one of these is like getting 4 pieces of candy.

Chupa Chups are the most pedestrian.

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I’m just telling it like it is. Every Latino house will have a bowl of Chupa Chups, but that won’t stop you from taking a handful every time.

Mazapan De La Rosa is like the eucharist.

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It’s so sacred, it’s the most delicate candy anyone in the world could receive. If, by the end of the night, it was still intact, you could feel God’s presence. Be the person that gives out de la Rosa.

The best part of Paletas Payasos was whether he had a face.

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Half the time, his smile was where his unibrow should be and you just had to ask, “Are they even trying?” And then you ate the one of a kind chocolate lollipop and the sugar rush put your mouth where your unibrow should be.

Alfajores were the rare breed you never forgot.

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Caramel stuffed galletas dipped in chocolate? You never forgot the family that gave those out and you always curtsied whenever you saw los reyes again.

We never noticed Duvalín was “bisabor.”

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It’s the Spanglish queero in me that is shipping this candy in a whole new way. It’s literally just a container of Neapolitan frosting that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Pulparindo was the Mexi fruit roll up of our generation.

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The only fruit we eat is tamarindo. These days, they’re even making goth pulparindo. Your entire neighborhood reputation is riding on this. Choose wisely.

Vero Elotes just tickled your childhood imagination.

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It low key burned your mouth to eat so much tamarindo in one night, but it felt like health to eat candy in the shape of corn, so your mom just let you have at it.

Gansito’s were a luxury treat.

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These kids will grow up to become doctors and lawyers. Give them Gansitos and they’ll remember you for life, tu sabes? ; )

Leave it to Latinos to improve caramel candies with goats milk.

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Paletón de Cajeta Quemada are better than your abuelita’s toffees because of that lil goat right there. The cajeta makes it kid-friendly.

You always walked away with ~147 Tomy’s at the end of the night.

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There are two kinds of people in this world. People who ate Tomy’s like popcorn or hoarded them Halloween night to use them as a key barter tool the next day at school.

The real mischievous neighbors put out Rockaleta “Diablo.”

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The chile will for real burn the roof of your mouth off. You pretty much only indulge in this candy when times are spooky and you want to try yourself.

Four layers of tamarind with a major chili flavored gum ball in the center is not for the faint of heart. Someone has to be the person that leaves these out for parents to monitor.

Vero Mangos will give you something sweet. / Instagram

Instead of a fireball at the center of all the tamarind, you get that sweet, chewy mango. What’s it going to be? Neighborhood sweetheart or diablo?

Rebanaditas are for summer children.

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Literally it’s a vero mango but with a watermelon candy at the center. We’re basically just trained since children to never need our teeth.

Long Boys Coconut are just straight sugar tootsie rolls.

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They’re probably not even Latino, but we’ve just adopted them as our own. Literally nobody else gives these out unless you live in a viejo only neighborhood. Context is crucial when deciding how to candy rep on Halloween night.

The most Mexi candy of all: Bandera de Coco

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You are reppin’ in a major way if you give out these shredded coconut and sugar candy. The Latino neighbors won’t even care that their kids will never come out of a sugar high.

You win the night if you give out Doña Pepa.

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If you even find Doña Pepa, please @ me. I haven’t had this chocolate bar in years and will personally shake your hand and steal your stash if you tell me.

If you’re in it to win over the parents, here’s a thought:

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The kids are going to roll their eyes every time they pass your house, but you’ll have instant family by Goya blood. This is political right here.

Just don’t be this person:

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I mean, I applaud this person, truly. But rep that Latino sweet tooth like you were bred to.

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