The Election Hurt Latino Confidence In This Beer Company, But Trump’s Performance Is Helping Turn That Around

Last year was anything but normal for Constellation Brands, the company behind beers like Modelo Especial, Corona Extra and Pacífico. Constellation’s CEO Rob Sands said President Trump’s campaign rhetoric on immigration and Mexico created a “disproportionately negative impact on Latino consumer confidence.” Trump’s proposed border tax also affected the company’s stockholders’ confidence.

As Trump dialed up his rhetoric against Mexico, Corona pushed back with commercials like “The Wall” starring Diego Luna.

Corona dropped this advertisement with Diego Luna as the political season was at a boiling point. The response was mostly positive, considering it was an advertisement, unlike that Kendall Jenner / Pepsi commercial that was ?? just ?? so ?? wrong.

However, Corona’s CEO said that sales are now rebounding thanks to PresidentTrump’s performance.


As the political tensions of the election dissipate, many latino consumers are now relaxing a little according to Corona’s sales. The reason for this, the Chicago Tribune reports, is because of President Trump’s struggle to push meaningful legislation. Consumers who once worried that the President’s “wall” talk now doubt Trump’s ability or desire to actually build that wall. Sands reportedly said consumers now see President Trump as “business as usual in Washington.”

As a result, stocks for Constellation Brands skyrocketed.


Yeah, it rose 10 dollars in a single day.

So now that National Beer Day is upon us…

Pretty much every day is beer day if you’re winning at life.

The quesion is…

[H/T] CEO of Corona parent says ‘Trump factor’ is diminishing as rhetoric hits wall

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