Cardi B Conquers Her Biggest Thanksgiving Fear In Latest Episode Of ‘Cardi Tries’ — And It’s So Sweet To Watch

We’ve seen Cardi B do all kinds of things in her Facebook series “Cardi Tries.” From facing her fears in a Halloween episode to meeting a giant 20-feet-long python and even performing at the marriage of a same-sex couple, Cardi has taken us all along a pretty wild ride in the short-lived series. But it’s her latest episode that seems to push the ‘Up’ rapper almost to her breaking point as she tackles a common fear so many of us have — preparing Thanksgiving dinner for la familia.

Cardi B joins Ciara and Masterchef Kwame Onwuachi as the trio prepare a Thanksgiving dinner.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we’re getting a peek into a Cardi B-inspired Thanksgiving dinner on her Facebook series “Cardi Tries.” In the episode, the mom of two is joined by hip hop royalty Ciara and “Top Chef” alum Kwame Onwuachi as the trio get busy in the kitchen.

We get to see a then-pregnant Cardi and Ciara reveal that their favorite Thanksgiving dishes are turkey and mac and cheese, respectively. Then they’re both “ordained” as chefs by Onwuachi and get to work.

“I don’t know why I’m getting nervous. I’m embarrassed. I can’t cook,” the “Up” rapper fake cries, as she puts on her apron. It’s a sentiment many many of us can relate to — especially when the responsibility for this year’s meal has fallen into your lap.

But Onwuachi reassured Cardi, saying “There is no stress in Kwame’s kitchen.”

The group decides that the Thanksgiving menu will consist of a jerk-spiced turkey, mac & cheese, rice and peas, and a dessert. Once they get cooking, Cardi B admits that it’s not nearly as intimidating as she thought it would be.

“I just felt like I been getting lied to my whole life because it’s like… when your family does it, they put like the bags on top of it, and they do it in a very old pot. And he just did it so simple like the young kids’ way. Why moms and grandmas make it look so hard?” she questions.

“Because they wanna torture you a little bit,” Onwuachi responds.

“Cardi Tries” is already in its second season and has seen the rap princess take on the world.

Although it’s only in its second season, “Cardi Tries” already has a dedicated and enthusiastic audience. The series follows our lovable Cardi as she takes on challenges ranging from the creative to the mundane.

In Season 1, we saw Cardi dance ballet, drive stunt cars, play basketball, prepare sushi, and even teach preschool students. So far, in Season 2, we’ve seen Cardi take on rhythmic gymnastics, cook Latin American food for Hispanic Heritage Month, take care of wildlife, face her fear of heights, and officiate a wedding. “Cardi Tries Tying The Knot” amassed more than 5.4 million views on Facebook.

Beginning November 24, viewers can watch the latest installment of “Cardi Tries” featuring Ciara on Watch Together via Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Watch. Each episode typically runs for 13-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, it’s definitely a family affair at Cardi’s house as they get ready for the holidays.

It will be a full house this year as the family celebrates Thanksgiving. The rapper recently took to Twitter to share an adorable video of their three-year-old daughter Kulture as she shared her thoughts on the latest addition to their family — her two-month-old baby brother.

After a fan tweeted the rapper and asked, “What was Kulture’s reaction when you told her we’re having another baby & that it was a boy?” to which Cardi shared Kulture’s response. In the clip, Kulture keeps it real and admits that she wants a baby sister. Even after the “Up” rapper reminded her baby girl that, “it’s a boy,” Kulture stood by her word saying, “No, a baby sister.”

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