These 25 Gifts Are Perfect For Your Friends Who Are Obsessed With Avocados

Everybody has that friend that is just obsessed with something. Usually they are things that make sense like a celebrity or a city they’ve visited. Other times it is the weirdest obsession, like avocados. Luckily, if your friend is obsessed with this fruit there are plenty of things you can buy them for holidays and birthdays. Here are just 25 things you can get you avocado obsessed bestie.

1. Guacardo Pin


How can you say no to this cute little avocado? He will fit in perfectly with the rest of your pin collection.

2. Guacardo Plush Keychain


Take this adorable Guacardo plushie with you everywhere you go. He is attached to a keychain so it is easy to make sure he is always around you when you are out and about living your best life. He just wants to see the world!

3. Kid Pants

RainbowKiddo / Etsy

Who’s timeline isn’t filled with photo after photo of friend’s kids and the like? Here’s a little pro tip. Getting a gift for your friend’s kid is like getting a gift for them.

4. Tote

wearemitu / Etsy

That’s right. That is Guacardo, your favorite avocado, on a tote. You can now carry him everywhere you go and let all of your friends know that you are too cool to function.

5. Avocado Pet

tinofbeans / Etsy

Because a pet rock is just too basic. Just look at how cute this thing is. There are definitely several benefits to this pet. One, it will never leave you. Two, it will never go bad so it is always pretty to look at.

6. Wrapping Paper

Bittersweetco / Etsy

They do say that it is better to give than to receive. By gifting your friend this wrapping paper, you are giving them a chance to give everyone else the gift of avocado wrapped gifts. See, you’re helping them be better people.

7. Avocado Seed Boat

RnDx2 / Etsy

You might not ever think about growing your own avocado tree but one of your friends must want to. Here is the best way to start the adventure of growing an avocado tree.

8. Greeting Cards

ItsyPeachBoutique / Etsy

If you really want to be extra, which of course you do, you can even include an avocado greeting card. Simple, cute, and just the right amount of over the top nonsense that a bestie should expect from their special friend.

9. Avocado Queen Shirt


Show her just how much you appreciate her royal knowledge about avocados. You know that your boo always has an avocado in her purse or knows where to find the best avocado toast within two blocks of your current location. She has definitely earned her avocado queen shirt.

10. Avocado Halves Shirt

ArtbyMalu / Etsy

There’s nothing that says, “I love you, girl!” like a funny, super personal gift. That’s why no avocado obsessed life companion would be upset about getting this shirt.

11. Masking Tape

DubuDumo / Etsy

Okay. What do people even do with these kinds of tape? Do they just collect them? You have definitely seen the different patterned duct tape at the hardware store, but have you ever seen them used? Might as well give this to a friend and figure out what people do with these tapes.

12. Glass Bowl

greencreekfarm / Etsy

People usually need something to hold all of there avocados so you can always go super meta with this avocado bowl. Avocados in avocados for avocado toast.

13. Avocado Toast Pin

HeroesForHireco / Etsy

Hipster breakfast goes to a whole other level with this enamel pin. Enamel pins are super cool right now so you can show your friend that you are really into trends.

14. Stickers

byGinaKirelew / Etsy

Stickers are perfect for any occasion. Add some flare to your computer, phone, or car window. After all, avocado obsessed people love to let people know how much they love avocado.

15. BFF Keychains

ShinyStuffCreations / Etsy

Those heart necklaces are so 1990s. Now it is all about cute af key chains. Like this avocado with the heart pit. #Adorbs

16. Hats

MillieHallShop / Etsy

A lot of these gifts have just been fun things to show that you are thinking of your friend but this one does have health benefits. It blocks the sun from your friend’s eyes. Now you can show them that you care about your friendship and their eyes.

17. Plush Avocato

FainyiaShtuchki / Etsy

If you are looking for something that is purr-fect for cuddling, this just might be the best bet. Cats are already super popular so a plush avo-cat-o just makes sense.

18. Avo-Gato Shirt

MiddleOfTheHudson / Etsy

You can even take your friends love of cats and avocados and give them an avo-gato shirt. Just look at the little avocado kitty. Look how happy it looks to finally have a loving forever home.

19. Socks

SocksAcademy / Etsy

Do you have a friend with cold ankles? Give them a pair of socks to make sure they stay warm over the winter. Fun fact: Adults legit appreciate socks as gifts because they are necessary.

20. Bracelet

minibites / Etsy

Small, delicate, and a statement piece. A small piece of avocado jewelry can go a long way. Seriously. The smaller and cuter the avocado, the more adorable it seems.

21. Mug

PlantLoveBoutique / Etsy

You can’t have avocado toast without coffee. That is a fact. Unless you don’t like coffee then you can use the mug for your tea.

22. Crocheted BFF Keychains

RainbowHappiness / Etsy

If you want to have something that feels more handmade, these crocheted avocado keychains are just what you’re looking for. They are even great if you are in a heterosexual relationship and want to show the world that you are taken.

23. Body Wash

essensu / Etsy

Everybody needs body wash, right? If avocados are good enough to eat, use as face masks, and help with your hair health, then a body wash should be just as powerful.

24. Necklace

CustomCharmFarm / Etsy

A realistic necklace is always a nice touch. it is art that your bestie, or loved one can wear around their neck.

25. Earrings

Nahoot / Etsy

Avocado couples are seriously the cutest things. Tbh, any inanimate object made to be a couple tends to be pretty cute.

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