These Avocados Are Being Turned Into Works Of Art And They Will Take Your Breath Away

Avocados are one of the greatest foods at the moment. They are delicious, healthy and are great on toast. But, have you ever thought about using avocados as a canvas to show the world your art? Well, artist Vincenzo Scuruchi is doing just that. Here are just some of the masterpieces he has created using everyone’s favorite fruit.

Vincenzo Scuruchi is taking avocados to a whole new level.

He isn’t taking the easy way in making his art. In fact, Scuruchi really takes his time creating this works of art. The “tattooing” he does of the panda in the above avocado pit is something to behold.

His avocado art is a mix of sculpting, whittling and carving and the results are amazing.

The detail he uses in his work is magnificent.

While you might think the art is very delicate, he is willing to show you that it is not.

That’s right. He took that painstakingly carved and crafted and spun it like a top. Good thing it was able to hold itself in place.

One seed can hold two pieces of art at one time because why not.

He really takes the name of his art style seriously. He calls it tattooing because he is literally poking the seed with a needle and the color comes from the bruising.

Oh. Did we mention that the art is also fully functional?

That’s one way to spend a rainy day but, be honest, who has the patience to create this kind of puzzle?

The final results of his work is spellbinding.

The photo really gives the art credit. You can see the movement he has created with the design he carved into the avocado.

He does give you a little element of surprise when you least expect it.

There was no way to prepare for the little surprise hidden under the seed.

His patience and practice is truly inspiring.

Meanwhile, we can barely cut the avocado in even parts to put on our toast.

It’s official. You avocado toast Instagram posts no longer matter.

Well done, sir.

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