In Case You Weren’t Already Aware, These Latino “Junk Food” Snacks Are Totally Vegan

Making the choice to be vegan doesn’t mean you should live a life of flavorless snacking. Vegan Latinos can tell you many of the tasty snacks and vegan Mexican candy we know and love are also vegan-friendly. Your mom might call it cochinero, but you can clap back by telling her they’re both green and kind to animals. Chow down on any of these nine vegan Latino snacks!

1. Takis Fuego and Takis Nitro

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Yup. The greatest snack on the planet is also vegan. But, only in the U.S. Takis is other countries may have non-vegan ingredients so make sure to check the nutrition information before ripping into a bag, just to be safe.

2. Tajín

tajinmx_oficial / Instagram

The plastic on the top of the bottle says “this is not a candy,” but we all know different. We snack on Tajín like candy. We even add it to candy. Hell, we add it to everything! Whether it’s fruit, beer, oysters, ceviche or ice cream, Tajín makes basically everything more delicious! That’s why they invented mini bottles you can carry in your pocket – for necessary on-the-go Tajín-ing.

3. Guava con crackers

jamban_catering / Instagram

Pasta de Guyaba con queso is a classic Cuban snack. Ditch the cheese and you’ve got an instant vegan treat to chomp on.

4. Pulaprindo

The taste hard candy produced by de la Rosa is fmade from the pulp of tamarind fruit, and is spiced with sugar, salt, and chili peppers making it salty, spicy and completely vegan.

5. Pelon Pelo Rico

mexicrate / Instagram

Pico dumped into a Pelón, you can rest assured you’ve harmed no animals in the process of wrecking your stomach.

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6. Speaking of things that are sort of candy and you can also put on candy…

salsasamorusa / Instagram

Chamoy! Again, make sure to check the label because each brand makes their chamoy a little different. But, for the most part, chamoy is a vegan snackers BFF. And really, this opens the door for all sorts of veganized chamoy and Tajín-inclusive snacks! Is your mouth watering yet?

7. Cacahuate Japones

Sabritas/Commercial Mexicana

Aside from the offensive packaging, cacahuates japoneses are probably the best snack on the planet. They’re crunchy, salty and ever so slightly spicy – everything that makes a snack amazing.

8. Papitas Preparadas


Oh helllll yesssss. Papitas preparadas combine the holy trinity every snack genius knows elevates a snack to a whole other level of yum: hot sauce, Tajín and lime juice. You add that plus salsa Maggi onto potato chips and it’s a flavor rager.

9. Barritas Marinela

Marinela USA

After all that salty goodness, you may need a little dessert to top it all off. Reach for Barritas Marinela in strawberry or pineapple when you’re in the mood for a pastry. Side note: what is it about adding a pair of sunglasses to inanimate that immediately makes them cool AF? That barrita’s lean on the box is ultimate cool guy.

10. Mangonadas

Tracy P./Yelp

One of the best inventions in snackiosity is also vegan. Mangonadas are tangy, salty and mouthwatering gelato-like snacks made out of mango, chamoy, chile, lime and Tajín. They’re absolutely necessary during the summer. Plus, you can eat that Tama-Roca that comes with it, because that’s vegan too. PWAA P-P-PWAAAA!! (That’s a party horn sound)

11. Plantain Chips

Suraya Foods

Simple and sweet with a heavy crunch, plantain chips are a favorite snack for vegan Latinos. It’s probably why they’re also a staple of Cuban cuisine.

12. Ruffles in Tapatío Limón Flavor


Chips are the essential snack. Luckily, there are lots of them that are also vegan and will satiate your craving for that Latino spiciness. That includes Tapatío Limón flavored Ruffles. Yes! And if you’re not in the mood for these (which is weird because who’s ever not in the mood?), you can also go with Chile & Lime Sabritones, Lays Limón or Spicy Salsa Salsitas.

13. Hasbrown Sticks from Del Taco


Vegan fans have likely indulged in the tasty and crispy papas from Del Taco. Newbies to the vegan game will be happy to know they can still hit up these reliable tasties.

14. Barritas Marinelas


These Pineapple filled fruit bars are beloved across the board. They’re low in sugar content and the taste is just right. Not too sweet, but just sweet enough!

15. CrunchTada from Del Taco


A pro-tip for a lot of fast food restaurants is to start by eliminating meat and cheese! Hold the cheese on this classic and you’re ready to go! 

16. Limón Paleta


This Lollipop covered with lemon and salt powder made a huge impression on me as a kid. It’s super delicious and has a great combo of salty, savory and sweet flavors. 

17. Fritos


This Mexican-inspired treat is the corn chip that has had lovers addicted for ages. For the Vegan in training, rest easy knowing you won’t have to eliminate this one from your diet. 

18. De La Rosa

9agne / Instagram

De La Rosa is sugary concotion made of, yes,sugar, peanuts, and artificial flavors that you will love!

19. doña pepa


These Peruvian cookies are the equivalent of Oreos in the United States. They’re chocolate covered cookies doused in sprinkles.

20. Elotes

cornwithcheese / Instagram

This Mexican street corn treat is always delicious with creamy chili and lime sauces with cheese. BUT Eliminate the mayonnaise, sour cream and cheese and you’ve got a perfect vegan treat.

BRB gotta go stock up my snack cupboard!

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