Someone Please Tell Me These Oreo Flavors Are Real

Oreo loves to create new flavors that range from “OMG! Yas!” to “What were they thinking?” Here are a few flavors we wish Oreo would try to release.

Please? We’re begging you…

1. Guava Con Queso for everyone who understands how uh-may-zing guava is.

Christina Henderson / mitú

And for those who don’t because guava con queso pastelito is the best and we can only imagine how incredible it would taste sandwiched between two vanilla cookies?

2. Mexican Hot Chocolate because how amazing would it taste on an Oreo?

Christina Henderson / mitú

My mouth is already watering thinking about what it’ll taste like when I dunk it in milk. If Oreo can do Swedish Fish Oreos, why not Chocolate Abuelita?

3. Oreo, please give us a flan custard dream version of your cookie.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Do we really need to argue in favor of this flavor?

4. Cafe Con Leche would be the perfect pick-me-up for those rough mornings.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Consider this your breakfast, Oreo style.

5. Mango deserves more recognition than it already gets.

Christina Henderson / mitú

There are people that are bound to be huge fans of mango flavored Oreos. Can we get them with a sprinkle of Tajín?

6. One word: Churro.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Churros are already perfect because they are sweet, handheld, and fried. In a perfect world, Nabisco would have already harnessed this power and made millions.

7. Margarita because who isn’t craving one right now?

Christina Henderson / mitú


8. Gansito is so reminiscent of our childhood that it’s a crime to ignore.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Enough said.

9. Passion Fruit since we all know how passionate we are about food.

Christina Henderson / mitú

See what I did there?

10. A guacamole cookie would be as good as guac and chips.

Christina Henderson / mitú

It already comes with the crunch.

11. Piña Colada like every other dessert that has a piña colada flavor.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Just don’t get caught in the rain with these because they will fall apart.

12. Horchata as an Oreo would be an absolute dream.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Yes, please!

13. Tamal De Dulce because tamales are already a year-round food.

Christina Henderson / mitú

And I’m getting tired of eating it as… a tamal.

14. Tamarindo would give Oreos that kick they have been missing.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Everyone is suddenly calling it a super food so it only makes sense that it would reach this kind of use.

15. Tres Leches because, duh!

Christina Henderson / mitú

*grabs wallet and petitions Oreos*

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