11 Types Of Sopas You Can Prepare Para El Frío

Whether you’re freezing because it’s cold AF outside or you’re a little under the weather, there’s nothing a hot bowl of caldo can’t fix. Here are 11 types of veggie, meat and fruit-based sopas you can whip up for the winter:

One type of soup you can enjoy on a rainy day is sopa de salchichón.

The main ingredient to this popular Puerto Rican soup is the salchichón, aka the salami. Without the salami, it would be sopa de fideo. The spices of the salami that spread throughout the soup are what make up the essential flavor and can also be joined by dices of carrots and potato. Check out step by step instructions on how to make the soup here. 

If you’re not a fan of salami, you can always go with a hot bowl of caldo de res or caldo de pollo.


Beef and chicken are the focal points of these soups but ingredients such as corn, potatoes (or other vegetables of your choice) play a very important supporting role. In the images above, the two soups are prepared with a mix of corn, carrots, potato, pumpkin and cabbage.

Sopa de patas Salvadoreña is a soup that includes tripe and cow’s feet.

If you’ve had Mexican menudo, you’ve had tripe. So if you don’t mind having a large piece of bone in your soup (from the cow’s foot), then sopa de patas could be your ideal soup. Learn how to prepare the soup here. 

Caldo de albondigas is a soup made for all meat lovers.

This flavorful soup is prepared with rolled up balls of ground beef, which is often mixed with rice (to hold the meatballs together) and other spices. Vegetables such as carrots, calabaza, corn and potatoes can be added based on your preference.

If you’re a vegetarian, you can always go with sopa de fideo.

Sopa de fideo, also known as sopa aguada, is prepared with pasta that you can purchase in different shapes and sizes — alphabets and estrellitas — and the preparation varies depending on the region. In Mexico, the soup is just pasta and broth, but in Puerto Rico, the soup may have chicken and potatoes. Learn how to make it here. 

Another vegetarian-friendly soup you can prepare is sopa de tortilla.

This traditional Mexican soup is prepared with fried tortilla pieces which are mixed into a tomato, onion, garlic and chile broth. To add more flavor, this soup is often topped with white cheese and avocado. Check out the detailed instructions on how to prepare this soup here. 

Similar to sopa de tortilla is sopa de lima, which has a different broth and additional ingredients of lime and shredded chicken.

Learn how to make this popular sopa from Yucatán here. 

If you’re obsessed with cheese, you need to try Nicaraguan sopa de queso.

The main ingredients of this soup are the wheels of fried masa you see above. These fried rolls are prepared with Maseca and queso seco Nicaragüense. While the process to make this soup might take longer, it’s worth it if you love cheese. Check out the video here to learn how to prepare the soup step by step.

But if you’re lactose intolerant, here’s an alternative soup you can enjoy: Sopa negra con huevo.


This soup is prepared with black beans and eggs. However, it’s not as simple as dumping some black beans and eggs into a bowl. As you boil the beans to cook, you add spices such as cilantro, oregano and salt to create the flavor of the broth. As pictured above, the eggs can be prepared over easy or hard-boiled based on your preference. Check out the detailed instructions on how to make this soup here. 

If you like something a little more on the sweeter side, there’s also sopa de platano:

If you’re a fan of plantains, this caldo is for you. The plantains in this soup are joined by a broth prepared with a mix of onions, celery, garlic and carrots. Check out the step-by-step recipe here. 

In a pinch, you can never go wrong with the two-minute prep of sopa de maruchan.

Whether you’re on Team Maruchan or Team Cup O’ Noodles, all you need for this soup is a fork and some hot water.

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